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Monday, December 10, 2012

Get a 6-Pack Like Lazar Angelov – 7 Common Questions About Abs

The Six Pack Abs” – the dream of any guy and the fantasy of any woman, yet one of the most difficult things to achieve. Personally I consider it “the holy grail” of bodybuilding. There are many guys who can gain some muscle, there are many who can lose some weight but there are very few who really manage to get a six pack.  So let’s take a closer look at some of the most frequently asked questions about abs. 

1. How Can I Get A Six Pack?

The theory is very simple: everyone has abs and everyone is born with a six pack…all you need to do is burn the fat that covers it and reveal it. Besides this, you also need to strengthen the abs muscles a bit, through specific exercises.

2. How Do I Reveal The Lower Abs?

While you can grow your upper abs and make them “pop out”, there is not much you can do about the lower abs. Yes it’s recommended to work them with certain exercises, but to reveal them you really need to work on your diet and burn the fat. You know what they say: “Abs Are Made in The Kitchen, Not in The Gym”. 

3. What Percentage of Body Fat Do You Need to Have a Six Pack?

This depends on how developed your abs are and on your genetics. But usually you begin to see the upper abs at 12% Body Fat, they look quite nice at 10%, and below 8% Body Fat they are amazing! Smaller percentages of body fat are only needed for professional bodybuilders and top athletes. These are the numbers for men and for women the figures are slightly higher (see the image below and click on it to enlarge it).

4. How Often Should I Train My Abs?

They may be the “sexiest” muscles of all, but after all they are simply muscles…just like your biceps, your chest or any other muscle group in your body. There is nothing so special about them so there is no reason to train them every day. Two or three abs workouts per week should be more than enough to strengthen them and make them look great once the fat goes away.  

5. Which Are The Best Abs Exercises?

There is no big philosophy about training the abs and there isn’t any “magical exercise”. The basic Crunches, Sit-ups and Leg Raises should do the job. Make sure to vary the speed and the intensity and to work all sides of the abs (the upper abs, the lower abs and the obliques). To spice things up a little, you can also add some planking (regular planks and side planks).   

6. Why Do I Only Have a 4-Pack and Not a 6-Pack?

This is only because of genetics. Not all abdominal muscles are created the same and not everyone has that nice and proportional six pack. Many people only have a 4-pack and there are even some with an 8-pack! But you shouldn't even worry about this! Let’s take a look at Phil Heath, the best bodybuilder in the world at this moment. Does he has a six pack? No! Does he care about it? No! Does this stopped him from wining two Mr. Olympia-s in a row? Absolutely not!  

7. Can Sex Help Me Get a Six Pack?

You will definitely get a lot more sex after having the six pack, but you should definitely do it before too. Not only you will burn a few extra calories, but you will also sleep better and get rid of stress. What does this has to do with abs? It’s very simple: stress is usually correlated with eating junk food and having abdominal fat, while a good sleep can help you lose weight faster and healthier.

So there you go…now you know the answers to the most common questions about abs. If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to getting the six pack you dream of, as well as an aesthetic physique like Zyzz or Lazar Angelov, we highly recommend you the "Adonis Golden Ratio". 

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