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Friday, June 23, 2017

Muscle Love: Take Care Of Your Body When Weightlifting!

You may not think of it as an extreme sport - but in truth, bodybuilding and professional weightlifting are two things that can come with a high risk attached. Whether you lift weights purely to stay fit, or whether you compete, being frivolous with your body in this respect is never good. Many people go straight for the heaviest weights, as they are concerned about appearing weak in front of others, in the gym or on the stage. But the phrase 'don't run before you can walk' is especially applicable to weightlifting. It takes time and skills to work up to the heaviest weights - and you need to make sure you're taking care of yourself along the way. Huge weights can wreak havoc on your muscles, and a damaged muscle can put you out of action for weeks - not to mention it can be excruciating. Here are a few things you need to do to make sure you are putting your muscles first in your gym or competition routine.

Replenish with protein

You don't need to be a fitness buff these days to know that protein is essential for building up muscle. Protein is a compound formed of amino acids, which - coincidentally - are also the building blocks of your body's muscles. When we work out, our muscles become stretched and in some cases ripped and torn. A good intake of protein both before and after the gym, in that case, can help our muscles to heal and build up properly. There are a number of different ways to get protein into your diet - as Suppniversity will tell you, there are plenty of options if you don't like typically protein-rich foods. A good pre and post-workout mix is usually a good start if you are new to supplements and shakes.

Lift correctly

Despite the recent spike in the number of people weightlifting, a huge majority of people are still getting the basics wrong. Not lifting with proper form can be incredibly dangerous, as you could badly pull a muscle or even end up dropping the weight on yourself or another person. If you're unsure, book a session with a personal trainer who will be able to teach you how to pick up, hold and return a weight without damaging yourself.

Consider a sports massage

Occasionally, things do go wrong, and you may feel a little twinge somewhere in your body. If it is particularly painful and the pain persists even after a couple of days, it is always best to visit your doctor just to check that nothing bad has happened. Usually, though, you will benefit from simply booking yourself in for a sports massage. These types of massages, performed by professionals, aim to enhance blood circulation around the body. When antibodies carried by the blood have better and more rapid access to the muscles, a quicker recovery is normally on the cards. A sports massage will also help to eliminate any soreness or tension you have been dealing with, and you'll be back in the weights area before you know it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Maintaining Muscle Between Sessions

Bodybuilding is a full-time commitment. If you think what you do during workouts is enough to keep muscle mass, you’re in for a shock. We hate to use the old cliche of ‘bodybuilding is a way of life,' but it really is. Of course, the work you do during your exercise sessions is crucial. That’s where you’ll amass most of your muscle and break serious barriers. But, it would be naive to think that you can kick back and relax the rest of the time. You need to be constantly aware of the effects your actions have on your body. With that in mind, the time you spend not working out is as crucial as your actual sessions. So, how can you maintain muscle during the time in-between?


The work doesn’t start and end with your exercise routine. Before you can get stuck into bodybuilding, give your body time to warm up. Stretches and gentle exercises before you start are essential. They'll ensure you don’t do yourself an injury during the real deal. An injury could set you back in a major way. Anyone who’s serious about building muscle should know that long gaps in your workout routine could see you starting all over again. So, next time you want to jump straight into a workout, think again.

And, it’s not only before that matters. How you wind down from a workout is equally important, as shown in this article from Inscriber Mag. Failure to unwind from exercise could be as catastrophic as not warming up in the right way. While stretches beforehand help warm muscles, winding down will help them cool off. Again, this is essential for avoiding injury! 


What you eat between workouts is also crucial for maintaining muscle mass. Again, the right diet can help you avoid injury. Eating the right foods will ensure your muscles recover faster. That way, you'll be able to exercise again sooner than you would otherwise. And, the more you’re able to exercise, the better chance you stand of gaining real muscle weight.

Of course, on a basic level, you need to make sure you’re eating enough calories to keep you sustained. Bodybuilding causes a tremendous strain on the body and requires a great deal of energy. If you don’t already, make a note of your calorie intake. It’s also important to make sure you’re eating the right things. Protein has amazing muscle healing properties.


Even on days where you don’t have a huge workout planned, it’s important to do short exercises. These are what will maintain your muscle and keep you fit and healthy. If you manage to find small specialist exercises, you’ll be able to stay on top of things with little effort. These will also help you during periods where you’re unable to have a proper training session. Again, stretches can help here. Jogging on the spot when you get the chance will also go a long way.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

5 Ways to Get Energised for Exercise

The days can be long, no matter what season we’re in. Sometimes, the last thing you feel like doing is getting up early to go to the gym or going on a bike ride after work. There are times when you feel like that because you’ve had a stressful day and there are times when you feel like that just because you haven’t got enough energy. When your goal is to exercise, you need to make sure your energy levels are high. Here are some ways to energise yourself before a workout.


Don’t Skip Meals

The average adult skips at least one meal a day. Whether you don’t have enough time to eat breakfast before you run out the door or you work through your lunch break to get things done, you’ll find yourself feeling sluggish come mid-afternoon. The food you eat is fuel for your body and without fuel, your body won’t run. You must make it a priority to eat well during the day and never skip a meal.

Get Hydrated

Many people think that this is only important during the warmer months, but staying hydrated is something everyone should do all year round. How does this affect your energy? If you become dehydrated you may get headaches, feel light-headed or generally unwell. Your energy levels deplete when you don’t feel yourself, and the last thing you want to do is get up and exercise. Staying hydrated keeps you in your best form.


Lay Off the Energy Bars

It may seem like common sense to eat an energy bar or drink an energy drink when you need a boost, but they won’t do you much good. These drinks and snacks are designed to give you a quick boost, rather than prolong natural energy. When you feel you need to eat or drink something, go for a banana before your workout for a natural release of energy and drink a sports drink that replaces electrolytes once your workout is finished.


Sometimes, there’s nothing better to boost your energy than someone else spurring you on. Doing it alone is hard work, but you can get great advice at Having a fitness coach or a partner with you on each workout means you won’t quit ahead of time. You’ll also notice that the more exercise you do, the more energy you’ll have.

Add Protein

There’s a reason that bodybuilders drink protein drinks before and after exercising. It won’t give you the energy you need but it will help to prolong the energy you already have. That means you can workout for longer and harder. It also helps with aches and pains. Having a good amount of protein in your diet will ensure you recover quickly from intense workouts. When you can’t add the things you need to your diet, try taking a supplement to ensure you get everything you need. A good multivitamin will work wonders for your energy.

When you’ve done everything else, all you need is the right attitude to make sure you’re getting out and enjoying your exercise.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Secrets To Lifting Like The Pros

For some, going to the gym is a bore. You’re stuck pounding the treadmill or cycling but going nowhere fast. It’s easy to lose motivation for going to the gym when you get stuck into a routine that feels boring. However, for others, part of the draw of the gym is the sheer variety of things to do – including lifting weights. It’s a daunting prospect, to join those in front of the mirror lifting weights bigger than anything else in the gym, but it’s also rewarding. Watching your body transform into a lean, muscular physique just by lifting weights is motivational and inspirational.

Getting a personal trainer on side to talk you through a routine to get your fat converted to muscle is always a must, but what other secrets are out there to lifting like the pros do? We’re going to walk you through the steps of a successful lifter and hopefully you’ll be following in their footsteps soon enough!

Be Consistent. A personal trainer will help you here, but when it comes to training effectively, consistency is key. It’s all well and good having a workout that is established, but if you aren’t doing enough of it in a routine, all your hard work will be for nothing. If your workout is beginning to feel easy, it’s time to step up your game and intensity and work harder. Slacking off your workouts only hurts you – no one else, so be accountable for your workout sessions and work hard for the body you want.

Track Macros. Nutrition is hugely important when lifting weights and while it’s healthy to have a consistent work out, it won’t do you any favours unless you are consistent with it. Track your macros so that you can understand the balance you need for your calories. You can also get a great nutrition deal for any supplements you plan to use for your lifting purposes. Your food is as important as your training and there’s no point in only tracking one of these. Read more about macros here!

Don’t Do It Alone. Working out, let’s be honest, is boring. If you have a friend with you, you can bounce off of each other and work together to reach your goals. You don’t have to feel bored when there’s someone else with you to take your mind off the actual workout. Challenge each other and don’t let each other let up on the working out. You need more than your personal trainer to keep you motivated!

Rest. Lifting is important. Food is important. But if you have any hope with keeping motivated, you need to ensure you are well rested. Solid sleep habits have an enormous impact on your mood and your overall health. Don’t run your body into the ground by working and working out without the adequate amount of rest that you need. Your health is important and you need to take care of it so that you can enjoy the body you’re working for, and not be slumped in the corner of the gym!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

3 Ideas To Enhance Your Weekly Workout Routines

If you’ve reached a plateau when it comes to losing body fat and gaining muscle mass, it can be frustrating and a challenge to know what to do next. But, you’re not afraid of a challenge, or you wouldn’t be focusing on bodybuilding and fitness in the first place. You might just need to look into certain areas of your lifestyle, and weekly routines, to understand where you can improve. The following tips and ideas will help to guide you out of your fitness slump and help you to achieve your body goals, at a steady and efficient rate. 


Eat For Your Muscles

In order to achieve a healthy, sculpted, and functioning body; you’ll need to fuel it properly and give yourself enough energy to withstand a grueling session in the gym. To build muscles; you will need plenty of protein, limited carbohydrates, and little to no fat. If you are consuming any fats; they should be the unsaturated kind, so no more triple fried foods, unfortunately. Fish is an excellent choice for your diet plan; it provides a substantial amount of protein and can give your body omega 3, which will help you to concentrate on what weights you’re going to be lifting next. Oily fish is also thought to help ease joint and muscle pain, making steamed salmon and vegetables, the perfect post-workout dinner.

Unlike fish, egg whites are all protein and no fat, as it’s the egg yolk that contains all the calories. Egg white omelets with veg will make a lean meal, that will ensure you’re supercharged and protein packed. They can also easily be thrown in with smoothies, or if you want to boost your meal replacement shakes when your focus is on losing fat. Beans and legumes should be a staple part of your diet also, as they are full of protein, as well as fiber. You’re going to need to up your fiber intake with vegetable, beans, and legumes, as a high-protein diet can slow down your bowel, and you want to maintain a healthy and functioning gut. For even more tips and meal plan ideas, check out before you take a trip to the grocery store.

Alongside increasing your protein intake, and lowering your fat and carbs; you need to ensure that you are staying hydrated at all times. Water is the purest way of giving the blood supply to your muscles enough hydration for a successful weight session. Many bodybuilders recommend that your drink 10 litres of water a day, or more, in order for your muscles to build properly and recover quickly after any tears or damage to them.

Try New Forms Of Exercise

It’s important to stay motivated with your training and workouts; so, if you’re feeling that you’re growing a little tired and bored of the same old routine, it’s time to mix it up and add something fresh, workout wise. For a total change of scenery, adding in some cardio in the form of running or swimming will enhance what you’re already achieving in the gym. Get some fresh air and run around your local park, or set yourself a goal to improve the time it takes to run around a certain area of your neighborhood or town. Visiting the swimming pool attached to your gym is another way to cool off or warm up for your workout, and will also target your key muscle areas, depending on what stroke you’re doing.

Learning a completely new skill will improve your mental focus and your fitness abilities. To increase your speed of response, and your agility, you could try training in mixed martial arts, which will give you a whole new scene to focus on, and smash any plateau you may have found yourself coasting along. For more information on training in MMA and where it can lead to in the future, check out to see how you can enhance your fitness lifestyle. Martial arts such as karate, kickboxing, and judo, might be other avenues you want to look into. See if your gym holds any classes, or if there are any experts about that can give you the right advice on incorporating it into your regime.

By ensuring that you get enough cardio completed in between each weightlifting session; you’ll lose any excess body fat at a much quicker rate. You’ll also be ensuring that you’re keeping your blood flow, heart and mind in good shape; which is all important when it comes to a successful fitness and bodybuilding plan.

Know When To Rest

Now that you’ve sorted out your diet plan and have enhanced your workout regime with some new forms of exercise; you need to consider when and how often to rest your body in between pushing it to its maximum capabilities. You should not be taking weeks at a time off, to eat donuts and watch T.V all day; however the frequency and quality of your rest days are crucial for your muscles to heal and strengthen, and you’ll have more longevity in the gym. The more experienced you become at weights, bodybuilding, and fitness, the fewer rest days you’ll need to take on, although they will still be needed, and should be utilized well.

Rest days can benefit more than the physical side of your training. For you to remain confident and focused on your bodybuilding goals; you’ll need to relax your mind, particularly since you’ll still have the everyday stresses of work and family life to contend with. So, taking some time out to clear your head is a major step towards weightlifting success. Learn more about the importance of rest and recovery when muscle building here.

Consider a regular massage from a sports therapist; they are specifically trained to help the body recover and will target any problem muscle and joint areas that you’re concerned about. Using an expert to make sure that you’re not over-training, and putting too much pressure on your body, will help prevent any future strains and injuries in the gym. By replenishing your body and mind regularly, you’ll be making sure that your bodybuilding can continue for many years into the future, and you’ll look and feel great.