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Whether you are the owner of a website related to Health & Fitness, the creator of a Fitness Program or the owner of a Supplements company, you can advertise on our website to gain more visitors and customers. 

Our website has a PR4 and gets around 10,000 pageviews/month (7,200 unique visitors/month) with an average of 350 pageviews every day (240 unique visitors/day). We have an ascending trend of visitors in the last 6 months, with high peaks in the days of releasing new articles that were shared a lot on Social Media accounts. The biggest majority of our readers comes from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Australia (so far we had visitors from 177 countries).

We also have lots of fans and followers on our Social Media accounts, as follows:

- Google Plus - 28,000 Followers 
- Twitter - 14,000 Followers
- Pinterest - 17,000 Followers

The advertising options that we offer are:

Banner Ads (they appear on ALL pages and articles)

- 300 x 250 Top Banner 
- 300 x 250 Middle Page Banner 
- 570 x 90 Horizontal Banner, situated under all the articles
- 250 x 250 Bottom of the Page Banner 

Product Reviews / Sponsored Articles

- by request, we can write a quality article or review presenting your product or website

Social Media Sharing

- we will share your product or website to our followers on ALL of our Social Media accounts, to more than 50,000 people! 

For more details and advertising costs, contact us at: