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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cute Waitress Prepares for a Fitness Competition -- An Interview with Kelsey Aquiline

1. Tell us something about yourself!

My name is Kelsey Lynn Aquiline. I am a 22 year old living in Surrey, BC, just outside out of Vancouver. I am a waitress at a restaurant called Boston Pizza. I have been there for about 4.5 years. I love being around people! Currently, I am not in school. I was going starting this past September, but I decided to compete in a Figure competition in November. I plan to start right after I compete. And I will be taking a Fitness Theory course to not only better understand what my body is going through, but also to help others. After I complete that I plan to get my degree in Nutritional Sciences.

2. Married?

I am not married, or in any type of relationship.

3. For how long you’ve been working out and what progress have you made?

I started going to the gym in September 2011. I had NO idea what I was doing! It took about 4-5 months of learning from others and researching before I started seeing any results. I was underweight when I started going to the gym. I weighed about 115lbs and I am 5 foot 7. But after being at the gym for a few months, I gained a healthy appetite as well as some new muscles and by December I was at 140lbs. I hired a coach in July to help bring me the rest of the way to a competitive stage. I have been going by her meal plans (eating clean with required cheat meals) and her workout plans since July. I am currently 3.5 weeks out of competition. I have gained an unreal amount of muscle and leaned out majority of my fat. Today I am weighing 125lbs.

4. Which is your favorite exercise?

My favorite exercise…that is a hard one. But I LOVE rows. Any type of rows, cable, hammer strength machines, dumbells, barbells… any rowing motion, I am all over it!!

5. And your favorite meal?

Favorite meal is EASY! I love oats. Plain oats, maybe a touch of cinnamon. I could live the rest of my life with oats alone! I will pair that with
plain chicken and green beans with some coconut oil to make a full meal. And it is my heaven on earth!!

6. Which is your actual goal?

My actual goal is to become an IFBB Figure Pro. But that’s just my fitness goal. My life goal is to help break the barrier between women and weight lifting. I want women to know how healthy it is to exercise, and not just do cardio but also some weight training as well. You don’t have to want to go as far as I have with it. That takes a lot of work. I find most women feel that if they pick up a weight they will look like Arnold, and that couldn’t be farther away from the truth.

7. Do guys usually hit on you at the gym?

NO! I never get hit on at the gym!! I get stares..a lot of stares! People are interested and want to know what I am doing and who I am. I have been told that most guys are intimidated of me, so I try to make an effort to be as friendly as possible at the gym. If I approach a guy to make conversation, I find they are very interested in what I am doing.

8. How can people get in touch with you?

I have an extremely active Twitter account, I would love people to follow my journey! And I am always up for questions and helping others, that is what makes this all worthwhile! So feel free to add me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram - kelseylynn28.

9. And finally say a few words to the readers of!

For all the readers, whether you are new to fitness and bodybuilding, or been in it for years, one of the most important things to remember is there is always MORE! My motto (which I learned from MarnieMcBean, a Canadian Olympic rowing champion) is "Infinity plus one". There is always MORE you can do, more to lean, more effort to put in. "The more I learn, the more I learn, that there is still more to learn."

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