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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

12 Reasons Why Women Should Go to the Gym

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1. You Will Lose Weight
First of all, by combining strength exercises with cardio you will burn a lot of calories! You will work your entire body, tone up your muscles and speed up your metabolism, which will result in burning fat and losing weight! This simple reason might be enough for most of the women to start working out, but there is much more!

2. You Will Feel Better

First of all you will look better and this will instantly make you feel better! But that’s not all! After a good workout your body will release endorphins, which will give you the same sensations as having an orgasm, eating some chocolate or a good meal!

3. You Will Gain Strength (without gaining too much muscle)

Many women think that if they start going to the gym they will become too big and too muscular. But don’t worry ladies! Gaining big, strong muscles takes much more time and effort than some people think! Besides that, women have 10 to 30 times less of the hormones that cause muscle growth, making it very difficult for them to gain muscles. However, you will develop muscle tone and definition, which will make you look great! ;)

4. You Will Decrease the Risk of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a very bad disease that strikes mainly in women. Weight training can increase spinal bone mineral density and combined with a proper diet will fight against osteoporosis. Other things that might help you would be yoga, stretching and running. 

5. You Will Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Research has shown that weight training can improve your cardiovascular health by lowering LDL (bad cholesterol), raising HDL (good cholesterol) and lowering blood pressure. If you add cardio to that, the results will be even better!

6. You Will Reduce Toxins in Your Body

By training hard you will inevitably sweat. And this is a good thing because it will eliminate toxins from your body. Spiritual believers also consider that by sweating you will clean out your internal energy channels. 

7. You Can Start at Any Age

No matter if you are sixteen (16) or sixty (60), it’s never too late or too early to start going to the gym! The exercises and the workout strategy can be adapted depending on age, experience or purpose (losing weight, toning up muscles, gaining muscles etc). 

8. You Will Improve Your Attitude and Get Rid of Stress

Studies have shown that weight training improves mental health and reduces depression. Women who are training constantly report feeling more confident, having more energy and doing the everyday tasks more easily. 

9. You Can Prevent Breast Cancer

Many experts agree that exercising regularly may help to prevent cancers and in particular breast cancer. You will also reduce the risk of other diseases such as: diabetes, arthritis, back pain and many more.

10. You Can Make New Friends

Believe it or not, you will meet lots of other women at the gym. Starting with a simple discussion about fitness, you can get to a long lasting friendship. Many women also go to the gym to meet guys, but this is all up to you :)

11. You Will Prevent Flu and Colds

Fitness (and sport in general) improves your immune system. This means that your body will be stronger and it will fight better against flu, colds and other nasty viruses. 

12. You will Live Longer

Research has shown that you can extend your life quite a lot by exercising regularly. Not only you will live longer, but you will also live better!

So what do you think ladies? Are these 12 Reasons enough for you to start going to the gym? In case the answer is “Yes” and you are already planning to sign up at a gym, a new question may appear: “What exactly do I have to do?”. There are many Fitness programs out there, but most of them are for men. You can find many Bodybuilding books, magazines, websites, e-books and so on but none of them are for women. 

But don’t worry ladies! We found a great program that was specially made by a woman just for women! It is called the "Curvalicious Workout System – Targeted Metabolic Fat Loss Workouts for Toned, Defined and Sexy Curves” and we highly recommend it! If you want to find out more info and to buy the whole package that contains lots of useful stuff, simply visit this page!

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