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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

3 Ideas To Enhance Your Weekly Workout Routines

If you’ve reached a plateau when it comes to losing body fat and gaining muscle mass, it can be frustrating and a challenge to know what to do next. But, you’re not afraid of a challenge, or you wouldn’t be focusing on bodybuilding and fitness in the first place. You might just need to look into certain areas of your lifestyle, and weekly routines, to understand where you can improve. The following tips and ideas will help to guide you out of your fitness slump and help you to achieve your body goals, at a steady and efficient rate. 


Eat For Your Muscles

In order to achieve a healthy, sculpted, and functioning body; you’ll need to fuel it properly and give yourself enough energy to withstand a grueling session in the gym. To build muscles; you will need plenty of protein, limited carbohydrates, and little to no fat. If you are consuming any fats; they should be the unsaturated kind, so no more triple fried foods, unfortunately. Fish is an excellent choice for your diet plan; it provides a substantial amount of protein and can give your body omega 3, which will help you to concentrate on what weights you’re going to be lifting next. Oily fish is also thought to help ease joint and muscle pain, making steamed salmon and vegetables, the perfect post-workout dinner.

Unlike fish, egg whites are all protein and no fat, as it’s the egg yolk that contains all the calories. Egg white omelets with veg will make a lean meal, that will ensure you’re supercharged and protein packed. They can also easily be thrown in with smoothies, or if you want to boost your meal replacement shakes when your focus is on losing fat. Beans and legumes should be a staple part of your diet also, as they are full of protein, as well as fiber. You’re going to need to up your fiber intake with vegetable, beans, and legumes, as a high-protein diet can slow down your bowel, and you want to maintain a healthy and functioning gut. For even more tips and meal plan ideas, check out before you take a trip to the grocery store.

Alongside increasing your protein intake, and lowering your fat and carbs; you need to ensure that you are staying hydrated at all times. Water is the purest way of giving the blood supply to your muscles enough hydration for a successful weight session. Many bodybuilders recommend that your drink 10 litres of water a day, or more, in order for your muscles to build properly and recover quickly after any tears or damage to them.

Try New Forms Of Exercise

It’s important to stay motivated with your training and workouts; so, if you’re feeling that you’re growing a little tired and bored of the same old routine, it’s time to mix it up and add something fresh, workout wise. For a total change of scenery, adding in some cardio in the form of running or swimming will enhance what you’re already achieving in the gym. Get some fresh air and run around your local park, or set yourself a goal to improve the time it takes to run around a certain area of your neighborhood or town. Visiting the swimming pool attached to your gym is another way to cool off or warm up for your workout, and will also target your key muscle areas, depending on what stroke you’re doing.

Learning a completely new skill will improve your mental focus and your fitness abilities. To increase your speed of response, and your agility, you could try training in mixed martial arts, which will give you a whole new scene to focus on, and smash any plateau you may have found yourself coasting along. For more information on training in MMA and where it can lead to in the future, check out to see how you can enhance your fitness lifestyle. Martial arts such as karate, kickboxing, and judo, might be other avenues you want to look into. See if your gym holds any classes, or if there are any experts about that can give you the right advice on incorporating it into your regime.

By ensuring that you get enough cardio completed in between each weightlifting session; you’ll lose any excess body fat at a much quicker rate. You’ll also be ensuring that you’re keeping your blood flow, heart and mind in good shape; which is all important when it comes to a successful fitness and bodybuilding plan.

Know When To Rest

Now that you’ve sorted out your diet plan and have enhanced your workout regime with some new forms of exercise; you need to consider when and how often to rest your body in between pushing it to its maximum capabilities. You should not be taking weeks at a time off, to eat donuts and watch T.V all day; however the frequency and quality of your rest days are crucial for your muscles to heal and strengthen, and you’ll have more longevity in the gym. The more experienced you become at weights, bodybuilding, and fitness, the fewer rest days you’ll need to take on, although they will still be needed, and should be utilized well.

Rest days can benefit more than the physical side of your training. For you to remain confident and focused on your bodybuilding goals; you’ll need to relax your mind, particularly since you’ll still have the everyday stresses of work and family life to contend with. So, taking some time out to clear your head is a major step towards weightlifting success. Learn more about the importance of rest and recovery when muscle building here.

Consider a regular massage from a sports therapist; they are specifically trained to help the body recover and will target any problem muscle and joint areas that you’re concerned about. Using an expert to make sure that you’re not over-training, and putting too much pressure on your body, will help prevent any future strains and injuries in the gym. By replenishing your body and mind regularly, you’ll be making sure that your bodybuilding can continue for many years into the future, and you’ll look and feel great.