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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Diet or workout? Who is the reigned king? A primer on a healthy living!

Being in shape by doing intense workout is good! Weight exercise, cardio, aerobics, healthy diet, seat less, all sounds great! But, have you ever thought which one is more important, diet or workout? Can you live on just following heavy workout? Is diet important with heavy workout? Can you shred extra pounds by just following diet? Let’s dig into this.

Of course consuming healthy diet is very important in weight loss or gain. Workout is important as well. But who is the king? A fair question! You must have read so many posts on social media sites saying 30% gym and 70% diet. Yes, diet has bigger contribution. But most importantly, diet without workout is meaningless and vice-versa. Diet has to be right! Healthy! And balance of course. Weight loss or getting into shape is not a difficult task. It needs only right resource, dedication and some usual calories calculations. When it comes to diet, all you need to do is to control your calories ratio. Consuming and burning calories are the two important things.

But its 2017, there are number of factors that distract us from getting into right direction. These are time, willpower, energy, and money. Mindset is the most essential thing in the process of getting a lean body. It is all about how quick a person can adhere to a disciplined routine of healthy diet and workout. This is the real secret.

Calories and Calculations

It is fact that both consumption and burning of calories are equality important. There is a simple formula. In weight loss, eat less and burn more calories. Weight gain is exact opposite, eat more and burn less calories is the only formula. In order to burn 1 pound weight, you must burn 3,500 calories. But there is a little twist. We do not have a gym, whole food, fitness trainer and a personal staff at our homes. We have put some efforts to have all these things in our life, we have to manage the time and we have to put some real scarifies. Even the individuals that are consuming supplements available in USA Made Steroids Online stores take care of their diet routines to get maximum benefits. 

Why weight loss workout without diet is ineffective?

Most of the time, people do heavy workout but do not see any result. This is because of misunderstanding of the calories concept. They do not know about the burning of the calories. And they end up burning more than sufficient calories. This is not healthy at all. Burning right amount of calories is the most important thing. If you do not consume right amount of calories, then your workout is meaningless. Also, knowing our resting metabolism is very important. This is the calories we burn by just staying alive. A person expends 1,743 calories per day by just staying alive. 10% calories are burn by just digesting and absorbing the dietary consumption. Approximately, we expend 2,300 calories per day. That does not mean that you should not exercise at all. This is an estimation of where the calories expenditure is coming from.

What is more important: diet or workout?

In reality, most of us spend more time our gym. And follow other remedies like taking strains, going for walks, jogging and yoga. This results into ineffectiveness on weight loss. If you can spend at least 5 to 10 minutes in kitchen with your dietary food, then you can get right results. Both gym and kitchen is very important for any person who wants to take some serious actions. Healthy living is the major formula of being in shape. Do not disappoint yourself by just following workout, new yoga positions, and weight exercises. Coordinate them a healthy diet.


Either in weight loss or gain, diet plays a major role. Although, it is the key to success, but it will not does not much without diet. Following right diet can definitely help you to attain right and leaned body. Sleep proper, exercise well and eat right.