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Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Signs That It's Time to Quit the Gym

When you first sign up to the gym, it can seem all quite exciting. You will have had grand plans about what you wanted to get done with your workout time, and dreams of being there all day every day. But then the weeks go by and you find yourself a lot less enthused about the gym than you once were. And let’s face it, the gym isn’t exactly a cheap option; each time you don’t go, you are wasting money through the membership that you may be tied into.

The good news is that there are so many other options. You certainly don’t have to go to the gym to get fit. You can explore the outdoors more through running or hiking, as well as creating a space to workout in your own home. You could get yourself a squat rack with weights if you have the space, as well as something like a spin bike. Though you can still workout without large pieces of equipment. There are a large range of videos on YouTube that you can use, as well as fitness apps that have workouts on them where you can track your progress too.

So if you haven’t been to the gym in a while, why don’t you think about the reasons why you haven’t been going. Is it time or a lack of motivation? Once you realize why you aren’t going more often, then you can deal with it and come up with a solution. Here are some suggestions:

  • Money: if money (or a lack of it) are the reason why you can’t justify the prices of the gym, then it sounds like it is time to change things up a little. You can workout for free in many ways, through running, walking, cycling (if you have a bike already), or using apps and YouTube. So don’t let cost of gyms put you off exercise.
  • Boredom: if you find that you just get bored at the gym, then it could be because you need to switch things up a little. Have you been doing the same thing for a while now? If you have, then how about trying something new or training for something new? You could train for a triathlon or perhaps look to shred some body fat. When you have something to work towards, it will be less boring to workout.
  • Motivation: a lack of motivation to workout can happen to us all at time to time. Your circumstances may have changed, or you have achieved what you want to already. Then it is time to set new goals, or evaluate when you are able to workout. If you can do something from home, then it can be easier to fit in around your lifestyle.
  • Not seeing results: when you are setting goals but not seeing results, it can be really frustrating and make you feel like there is no point in carrying on; but there certainly is! Speaking to a trainer can be a good idea, or changing up what you are going to see more results and faster.