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Saturday, April 15, 2017

7 Lower Body Workouts With Resistance Bands

A workout consisting of a resistance band in coalition with your body is easy to pull off and brings awesome results in the long run. On top of that – it’s cheap, versatile and doesn’t require fancy moves or bulky gym machines to properly do it. Additionally, regardless if you’re just beginning or are treading deep into an active lifestyle – the lower body is an underrated and underused area that most individuals tend to neglect it; that’s why we’ll focus our efforts to bring about the best possible workouts – by utilizing nothing but a resistance band and a droplet of motivation to get you started.

1. Standing Glute Press

Install the resistance band at the bottom of a door. Close the door so that it firmly ‘locks’ into position. Wrap the band strap around your preferred ankle. Assume a standing position while facing the door. This would be your starting position.

Step back until some resistance in the bend is felt. Engage your core and abdominal muscles; optional would be to use the door frame for support.

Take a deep breath in and exhale while moving your preferred heel backward; the other leg should stand straight. Take a breath in and return your heel to starting position. This counts as one rep.

Make 10-15 repetitions and switch legs afterwards. 

2. Lunge

Take the resistance band by the handles and step right in the middle of it using one foot. Hands should be at shoulder-height, palms facing forward. Take a step back with your free foot so that the heel rises up slightly. During all movements, back should be straight and core tightened.

Inhale deeply and drop the back knee so that it just grazes the floor’s surface. Do not lean forward while doing so. Hands should stay above shoulder-height. Exhale while slowly rising up and keep the muscles in your both legs active, but not too tightly. This counts as one rep.

Do 12-15 reps and change legs.

3. Standing Calf Raise

Install the resistance band at the bottom of your door. It should be tightly secured.

Face away from the door and grab ahold of both handles, legs sitting at hip distance wide. Raise your hands above the shoulders with elbows facing toward the floor. Your core should be tightened before the beginning of the exercise.

Deeply inhale, then exhale and rise upward on toes with your heels off the ground. Take a breath in and assume the starting stance. This counts as one repetition.

Do 9-12 reps in accordance with fitness level.

4. Hamstring Curl

Install the resistance band at the bottom of a door. Make sure it’s standing firmly in place.

Put the resistance band strap around your right ankle. Face away from the door and lie on the floor with your elbows supporting your weight. Loosen up both legs, keeping both knees together. This would conclude the starting position.

Inhale, then breathe out while heading with your right leg toward your glutes. When you reach a half-rep, activate your glutes and proceed to inhale while lowering the leg. Go back to the starting position.

Repeat 7-13 reps and switch legs afterwards.

5. Squat

Place both of your feet over the resistance band while standing. They should be about hip distance apart. Grab both handles with palms facing forward, above the shoulders. Tighten your core, with elbows facing toward the ground. This concludes the starting position.

To begin with the exercise, slowly start descending down as if you’re aiming to sit in a chair. The chest should be lifted while your heels should support your weight. Breathe out and slowly start rising up. This concludes one repetition.

Ideally would be to do 5-7 reps for beginners or 10-15 for advanced individuals.

6. Lateral Band Walk

Step inside the resistance band with both of your legs. The bands should be placed below the knees – resting on the calves. Assume a standing position with a fully engaged core. The knees should be slightly bent. This concludes the starting stance.

Inhale then breathe out as you slowly start to side step with your preferred leg. During this movement, make sure that your other leg stands firmly put and doesn’t drag around. Keep the slight flexion in your knees.

Repeat until you feel a burn in your hips and lower leg muscles (7-10 reps) in three sets. Switch legs afterwards.

7. Donkey Kicks

Lower your body down so that your weight is supported by all of your 4 extremities. While in it, grab both handles and put the band around your right foot. This is your starting position.

With hands holding tight in place, proceed to kick your right foot upward and back as if you’re trying to reach the ceiling. Hold that position for 1-2 seconds and slowly lower your right leg into the starting one.

Do 12-15 reps then change legs.