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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dipping Your Way to that Beach Body

The summer holiday is always a hotly anticipated one; a few weeks off work and life in the sun – what could be better? Of course, you want to look your best, and that means getting your workout routine up to scratch! The problem is that gym membership – and even one-off usage – is expensive, so you need a more cost-effective way of getting in shape. You might indulge in swimming or cycling, or perhaps you like to run, but if you prefer to carry out an exercise routine, have you considered installing a home gym?

OK, maybe an entire home gym is beyond your budget, but why not invest in a dip station? This is a very versatile and surprisingly affordable piece of equipment – you’ve probably used one at the gym before – and one that you can easily install in your spare room. Some people are even converting their garage space into a gym, which is a great idea if you have limited space in the house. We reckon you will be surprised at how affordable a dip station is, and consider this: it’s there for all the family to use, whenever they want, without the need to travel to the gym. So, back to that beach body – how can a dip station help?

Start Getting Trim

The beauty of a dip station is that it is easy to use and versatile, and needs little to no maintenance. It’s not a moving machine, so you don’t need to worry about that, just find somewhere suitable for it to go, with plenty of space around it. You need the space because dip station exercises are all about moving the body, and toning those muscles all over the body. There’s a great variety of exercises you can carry out using your dip station, and each will help you achieve that beach body you are searching for.

We recommend you check out videos on YouTube for a start, but here’s an idea of some of the exercise you can perform using your dip station:

Modified Push-ups

Your usual push ups take place without the need for a dip station, but we think this version is better. You use the versatility of the bars to get your body into the air, and this will tone many muscles throughout the body. The great thing is, because you are using the bars, you are not carrying your entire bod weight every time, so the dip station is usable even by those who don’t have great upper-body strength.

Modified Pull-ups

As with the above, the great thing about this is that just about anybody can perform pull ups on a dip station, so it’s great for beginners as well as for seasoned performers. You can use the bars to your advantage to tone the lower back muscles, the biceps and shoulders – all in one move – and it really is a great way of working towards a body that will look great on the beach.


We couldn’t talk about a dip station without mentioning dips, could we? Well, here they are; this is a great exercise for getting your body ready for summer as it builds up the triceps, and very effectively too. Remember, you need that space around your dip station to make sure it is fully usable, so check the size of the model you want to buy before you commit, and make sure there are no obstructions in the way.

That’s just a few of the many exercises that can be carried out on your home dip station, and you will find many more if you search for them. Check out some of the best dip stations now for more information, and invest in a device that will help you on the way to a body that will be the envy of your friends.