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Friday, July 15, 2016

Are You Risking Your Health with These Exercise Mistakes?

It might sound odd to you, but exercise can actually be pretty dangerous. That is, if you’re not doing it properly. Want to know how to do it properly? Then don’t make these mistakes!

1. Doing the wrong exercises

There are a bunch of exercises out there that have gained popularity over the decades. Some are considered to be simple, go-to exercises for beginners. They’re even taught to children at schools. Unfortunately, some of them can also be doing more damage than good. The most famous type of exercises that are known to do more damage than good are situps and crunches. These sorts of exercises actually cause damage to the areas they’re supposedly strengthening. Research your exercise routine thoroughly, and find alternatives if you need to. 

And even when you find the right ones, make sure that you perform them with the perfect form! 

2. Spending too much money

When you get into exercise, it can get pretty exciting and infectious. For some, they simply start exercising more often and enjoying it more. For others, they get a little bit too serious about their fandom. They’ll start buying several gym memberships so they can work out indoors wherever they go. They’ll buy every consumable with the word “SPORT” on it. They’ll invest in loads of expensive workout equipment so they can carry on their desired routine at home. But all of this spending is completely unnecessary. Don’t do it! (By the way, I’m aware that this doesn’t really affect your “health”. But you need to consider your financial health too!)

3. Ignoring muscle strain

There’s that classic saying in the exercise world: no pain, no gain. Well, technically, the saying goes back to second-century spiritual writings, but I digress. There’s this idea that by working through pain, you’re gaining muscle in the only way that’s possible. Fun fact: that’s not true! You should always take care to tend to any pain you might have. Let’s say you’ve hurt your ankle while running. Sure, you can consider continuing to work out regardless. But you should slow it down, and use something like an ankle sleeve to keep it supported.

4. Not getting a medical check-up first

You may think to yourself that exercising is guaranteed to make you healthier. After all, you’re young and already fairly strong. You can go for a run without it tiring you out and hurting you. So you must be good to go, right? Well, if you’re getting into exercise - especially bodybuilding - you’re making a big physical change. You should consider speaking to your doctor and perhaps getting a physical checkup. They’ll be able to tell you if there are any health concerns that might be exacerbated by exercise.

5. Combining exercise with a poor diet

There’s this idea that people who exercise a lot eat less. You’ve probably guessed by the way I just wrote that that this is a mistaken thought. People who exercise a lot have to pay special attention to what they eat. They need to make sure they’re getting a lot of nutrients. A lot of the energy you need to exercise is going to come from your food! Make sure you’re eating well alongside your exercise routine.