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Friday, April 10, 2015

5 Unhealthy Diets To Avoid For Fast Fat Loss

Many people are overweight. There are just as many people who either think they are overweight or worry about becoming overweight. It doesn’t matter which one of these you are, you will probably be tempted by one of the many fad diets available. These diets promise miracle results. They assure you of maximum weight loss in minimum time with little effort. Unfortunately, this is often not the case and these diets can be far from healthy. The following are some of the fad diets to be wary of:

1. The Grapefruit Diet

This diet actually originated in the 1930’s and people still use it today. Its longevity buys it a semblance of believability. In order to burn more calories and therefore lose weight, you simply need to eat a grapefruit before each meal. Combine this with cutting out carbs, eating protein and drinking plenty of water to ensure results. The grapefruit has diuretic properties which will stop the body from retaining water and should make you feel fuller which will lower the amount of calories eaten. Whilst the grapefruit diet is based on facts, this combination could have a detrimental effect on your health as you shed too much water weight and actually become dehydrated.

2. The Tapeworm Diet

This is a diet which was used in the early part of the twentieth century, and is thankfully now dying out. Dieters eat a tapeworm pill and introduce tapeworm into their intestines. The tapeworm will consume all the food eaten ensuring that the dieter loses weight. Once the target weight is reached, a second pill containing an anti-parasite is taken to destroy the tapeworm. It is very dangerous to intentionally introduce foreign bodies into your system. The tapeworm consumes your food and deprives your body of the nutrients it needs. Over time the tapeworm diet can make you seriously ill. The lack of some important nutrients could have harmful effects on your health long after the tapeworm has been killed off.

3. The Lemonade Diet

This diet is also known as the “Master Cleanser”. It has been around for many years and will probably continue to be for many more as it is very fast and easy. Simply stop eating and just drink lemonade. Drinking enough will keep you feeling full. Lemonade is made of water, lemon juice and sugar. This diet will ensure your water weight drops off almost instantly. Unfortunately, the water weight will go straight back on once you start to eat food again. There’s also the risk that very low calorie diets like this slow your metabolism and make you burn muscle mass. This could mean that it will be difficult to lose weight by any traditional method in the future.

4. The Baby Food Diet

Babies start on solid foods with jars of puree food. This is simple food which is generally bland and has limited health benefits as they are still getting their nutrients from milk. The idea is to replace breakfast and lunch with baby food and then eat a low calorie dinner. In the short term, the baby food diet will probably have the desired effect. In essence, it is similar to eating small portions of any food. The jars help with portion control. Sadly, in the long term you will simply not be able to stick to this way of eating. You will crave real food and may binge to satisfy your cravings. A better alternative is to eat more fruit and reduce your sodium intake.

5. The Sleeping Beauty Diet

The Sleeping Beauty Diet became popular in the 1960’s and has been rumored to have been tried by several celebrities. In essence, you consume enough drugs to knock yourself out for several days. When you wake you will be considerably slimmer. This will be due to lack of food. Your body will have used your fat reserves to survive. This method will usually involve muscle deterioration as well due to the lack of use for several days. The diet is extremely dangerous. Unregulated use of drugs can result in organ damage or failure which will result in either long term health problems or death. This is definitely one to be avoided!

There are numerous other unhealthy diets you should stay away from, although the ones we just mentioned are certainly the most dangerous for your health. There’s no miracle diet to help you lose weight fast and keeping it off. At best, you’ll lose weight and as soon as you return your normal routine, those pounds will add back up. What we recommend is a healthy weight loss diet and a well prepared exercise plan.

By Edward Francis and!