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Monday, February 10, 2014

Simple Tips for Optimum Muscle Building

Building muscle can be a long process, but if you aspire to achieve a chiselled, well controlled physique, the efforts will be more than worth it. By setting realistic goals and monitoring your weight and food intake, you will soon start to see results.

When looking to gain muscle and increase general fitness, there are a number of simple things you can add to your regime to optimise results. So, whether you’re into bodybuilding or just want to add more lean muscle to your physique and reduce fat, we’ve compiled a list of some tips to help you out:

Stay Hydrated

Being dehydrated during workouts can make you feel a lot more lethargic and will therefore have a negative effect on your training. Drinking lots of water or sports drinks will hydrate your muscles, meaning they will be able to go for longer during workouts.

Increase Your Protein Intake

Watching your diet and calorie intake is vital for losing fat and gaining lean muscle. Increase your daily intake of protein from a number of sources such as eggs, meat and low fat dairy products to give your muscles the fuel and protein they crave.

Use Protein or Other Supplements

Protein or bodybuilding supplements, such as those from LA Muscle, contain a lot of extra nutrients that will not only optimise your performance in the gym, but will also optimise the results you physically see in the mirror. Opt for protein bars and shakes with a low sugar content, to avoid empty calories entering your body.

Lift the Appropriate Weight For Your Size and Strength

It’s important to be responsible when hitting the weights and it’s a component at the gym that you should be fairly patient with. Lifting a weight that is too heavy for your body will no doubt result in injury and will leave you out of action whilst you recover, therefore meaning that straining your body in such a way was pointless and potentially dangerous. Lifting a weight that doesn’t push you, however, will also result in you not seeing any results. Ask for advice from your local fitness instructor at the gym, who will be more than happy to assist you.

Get Plenty of Sleep and Rest

Knowing when to push yourself and when to step back and rest is vital for your body and muscles. Especially if you have an ambitious target in mind, take things slow and steady to avoid injuries. Ideally, you should work on building your muscles 3-5 times a week and no more so that you’re not putting yourself at risk and so that your muscles have time to recover from the strain.

Keep Movements Slow and Controlled

Going a hundred and one miles an hour at the weights may seem like the correct technique to build your muscles, but in fact, it’s far more effective to use slower reps and more controlled movements when hitting the weights and performing training exercises. Keep constant tension in the working muscle!

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