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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hypertrophy MAX Review -- The Most Complex Muscle Building Program

Without any doubts we can state that Hypertrophy Max is the best and most complex muscle building program in the world. It has been created by two of the most influential experts in the Fitness industry (one of them is also a top IFBB Pro Bodybuilder) and it is the first and only system that offers not one but 12 (TWELVE) different hypertrophy models and elite monthly coaching. It is a truly exclusive program that opens its doors just twice every year and if you are reading this article between June 18 and 1st of July, you are right on time!

The program that lasts for 12 months exploits all the scientifically-proven factors of muscle hypertrophy and they are very well organized, balanced and progressed in one place. Hypertrophy MAX is designed to help you break any plateaus and transform your body for as much as you desire. So you won’t get as big as Ben Pakulski if that is not your goal, or you won’t get really shredded if you don’t want to. It features ALL the information you need to transform your body, including workouts, nutrition, supplementation, cooking, recovery, mindset, lifestyle, motivation, support, contests and much more! And of course it can be utilized by both men and women. Before moving further with this review, let’s talk a little about Vince and Ben.

About The Authors

Together they have 29-years of experience in the Fitness industry, 24 contests, hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of online customers from all over the world. Ben Pakulski is one of the top 10 Pro Bodybuilders of the world (just a few months ago he placed second at the Arnold Classic) but he is also one of the smartest ones. He owns a degree in Kinesiology (the study of anatomy, human nutrition, exercise physiology and biomechanics) and he knows the science behind every method that he teaches or practices himself. Vince del Monte also holds a degree in Kinesiology, he is a certified nutritionist, WBFF Pro Fitness Model and a popular “skinny-guy savior” thanks to his online muscle building program. So when it comes to knowledge and experience, these guys can definitely be trusted. 

Does The Program Really Works?

You know what they say that an image makes 1,000 words. So we’ll let the image below answer this question. These are just some of the Hypertrophy MAX students that totally transformed their bodies after using the system. And as you can see, the methods can be used for both gaining muscle and losing fat, and by both men and women.

What Is Included In The Package?

The product will worth every penny because the package is truly complex and will give you all the tools and information for each and every month. As we mentioned earlier there are 12 Phases, but it is up to you to decide how many you want to follow. So you can stop at any time if you feel that this system is not right for you. Here is what you will receive in Phase 1 (all the other phases have a similar structure, with different content of course):

-- Phase 1 Manual – this is a hardcopy newsletter that will be shipped to your front door and which includes complete information on all the aspects mentioned above (workouts, nutrition, cooking, mindset etc). It will also feature a training log section, printable workout sheets and a monthly calendar to keep you well organized. As we said, there are 12 phases and here is what you will learn:

Phase 1 – Max Tension
Phase 2 – Max Density
Phase 3 – Max Lactic
Phase 4 – Max Volume
Phase 5 – Max Intensity
Phase 6 – Max Frequency

Then you will focus on one muscle group each month with specialization workouts:

Phase 7 – Max Pecs
Phase 8 – Max Back
Phase 9 – Max Delts
Phase 10 – Max Glutes and Hams
Phase 11 – Max Arms and Abs
Phase 12 – Max Quads and Calves

-- Phase 1 DVD Workouts – these will also be shipped to you anywhere in the world, and they are the cornerstone of this system. It’s easy to learn by reading something, but you will learn much quicker and easier by watching the instructional workout videos

-- Secrets of the Pros DVD – exclusive interviews with some of the top doctors, trainers, coaches and therapists in the world of bodybuilding

-- Getting To Know Your Coach DVD – exclusive footage from the daily life of Vince del Monte and Ben Pakulski

-- 90-Minute Coaching Call – a private, elite coaching call with the authors where you can ask them any aspect of the system or any question you might have on bodybuilding, business or lifestyle

-- Private Member Forums – access to the private forum that is only accessible to other Hypertrophy MAX members and where you can ask any question, get your physique assessed, post progress pictures and hang out with like-minded people

-- Management Binder – a stylish and unique binder where you can store all your hardcopy newsletters and DVD-s

-- Printable Workout Journal – a great tool to easily keep track of your progress, stay focused and motivated

-- Digital Tempo Tracks – a simple yet effective tool (audio MP3 file) that will help you keep the right tempo on each repetition and get some of the most intense muscle-pumps without having to count in your head. 

How Much Does It Cost?

As in any other industry of this world where you will find cheap products and high-end expensive products, it’s the same in the Fitness industry. You can easily find a $37 muscle building program written by a mediocre author and it will give you results for a month or two. But if you are looking for the BEST results, for a system that will help you add size for 365 days without hitting a plateau, and for information from certified experts then of course you will need to pay more. And if you think about it, it’s the same as in any other aspect of your life: if you want an amazing car with all the high-end features you will have to pay a lot for it. Or if you want the best clothes from the top brands you will pay much more than the average person. And it’s the same thing with Hypertrophy MAX, an elite muscle building program and a high-end product.

You have two payment options to choose from:

- the monthly membership of $97 (you are able to name your price for the first month, and then pay 97$ for the next 11 months with the possibility to cancel at any time) 
- pay for ALL 12 months and get a 60% discount. It means that your monthly subscription will only be $41.41 and you will receive every installment for the next 12 months, with the possibility to cancel at any time. You will practically make a one time payment of $497 and you are done for the entire year.

While this offer is available until Friday, there is an awesome bonus if you act TODAY! So click here to find more info and get started right away!

Our Rating: 5 out of 5

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