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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Can You Be a Lean Firm Woman Without Starving?

Yes, once women learn to eat more like men they too can be fit and firm. In terms of physical appearance the majority of women constantly think about maintaining a thin body type. It’s a well-known fact that we deprive ourselves of many foods to achieve a slender body. The biggest problem with this plan is this type of diet leaves us hungry. There is no need to deal with hunger as it does not need to be a part of a slender life style. The simple addition of protein into a women’s weight reduction or maintenance plan addresses three major problems that being energy, hunger and lean body tone. 

A poor diet low in calories is often lacking in protein. This contributes greatly to the flabby muscle tone so many women struggle with. In addition the constant feeling of hunger creates a nagging feeling which impacts our happy factory. The simple addition of two eggs for breakfast everyday eliminates both of these burning concerns. Anytime you eat protein within 30 minutes of waking you stimulate the body’s furnace, provide body toning protein and eliminate hunger for a much longer period of time. It’s a fact men practice and yet we women tend to believe we cannot partake in similar eating rituals as do men, but we can. 

The perfect breakfast for any woman trying to both lose weight and build lean muscle mass is two eggs and toast. There are a few significant keys to this amazing breakfast that will burn fat, keep you feeling full, energized and build lean muscle. This breakfast is a perfect food combination and it goes as follows: 

Bread - The bread used to make the toast must be whole grain with zero sugars. This proves to be a challenge so I will make it easy for you. Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted 100% whole grain bread is perfect. It will not create an ill food combination in your digestive system. Anytime you combine fats with sugars a bad reaction occurs in your body contributing to insulin production which makes you fat. This is the reason so many of us feel protein is something we should avoid when in fact it is protein that keeps us fit, tone and thin. It’s the addition of sugar to protein diets that create the problem. Modern day bread has become a very fattening food. BUT you must have fiber to clean the digestive system keeping you regular. The bread is a vital part of the success. You will be amazed at the change once you begin eating Ezekiel (or like) bread. Do not substitute other breads you think are whole grain. The bread you eat should contain 0 sugar period and be whole grains. It can be found at health food stores or online. 

Eggs – The eggs may be cooked in a skillet with butter, real butter that is. Real natural fats do not contain sugar and therefore combine in a beneficial manner with the above mentioned bread and eggs. The eggs provide you with a means to develop lean tone muscle. 

This breakfast will prove to be life changing for anyone and everyone. In addition to this morning meal eat a handful of walnuts or raw almonds between breakfast and lunch. For lunch eat a tuna sandwich with real mayo and dill pickles on the same type of bread. For a mid-afternoon snack eat one cup of regular cottage cheese, never nonfat products as they induce insulin production that we know causes us to be fat. Finally eat a dinner of lean chicken, fish or grass fed beef with grilled or steamed vegetables with the exception of carrots which contain sugar and one cup of plain brown rice or two pieces of the 4:9 bread. The truth of the matter is the one thing women tend to go to for comfort and energy, sugar, makes us fat. Try this menu for one week and become a convert with a lean toned body full of energy and bliss. 

About the author: Katie McMurray is an online writer who enjoys health and fitness above all things, feeling that when you feel good you enjoy the best life possible. In addition to diet and fitness for women Katie enjoys researching the burning issues of most women. Check out more informative articles by Katiem2 at her profile on Wizzley

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