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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Treat Yourself: 4 Reasons to Invest in Quality Workout Clothes

Gym clothes are usually an afterthought. Even today, when we have access to such a diverse and enormous market of gym-wear, a significant percentage of people that partake in physical exercises still opt to wear their frumpiest, worn-out clothes with the unflattering outline, simply because it is comfortable and disposable.

This custom - which emerged around forty years ago - is slowly replaced by the “Instagram-friendly” culture of going to the gym dressed to the nines in the latest and sleekest outfit. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should be forced to give up that fluttery old shirt which boosts perspiration, but you should definitely consider investing in quality workout clothes and even treating yourself with the most comfortable item.

1. Design intent

Your old rags might be familiar and comfy, but you have to remember - gym clothes are guaranteed to be even more comfortable. How can anyone make such a statement with utmost confidence? Well, you have to factor the design intent into the equation. Gym activewear is conceived in order to feel as if it is an inseparable part of your own body, fused with your muscles and ligaments in their most furious kinetic mode in such a way that you will forget you are wearing anything. The key is to achieve a max-performance appeal.

2. A matter of performance

Now, since a matter of performance has been mentioned, we need to clear out what it means and why it is a noteworthy reason to invest in workout clothes. As it has been noted, a building block of this factor is the design that focuses on making you feel as if you are clothes-free. The key is to think of a solution for every ‘weak spot’ on the clothes that may create irritation, so you can take your exercising a few steps further.

One of the important aspects of this is temperature regulation. For the max performance, you’ll want some parts of your body to be more exposed while the others sweat profusely, and useful items such as the Kewlioo neoprene sauna vest intensify perspiration so that you may lose deposits of fat around your abs. This can be especially useful to individuals who need to lose that waistline double-time. In other words, purchasing gym clothes is not about choosing a ‘holistic’ outfit, but picking a specific element for each part of your body that will maximize performance.

3. Longevity

Now, your arbitrary outfit picked from the old rags in the closet will not last long because you’ll have to wash it more frequently. After all, it is the hallmark of gym culture to keep yourself as odorless as possible since you are not the only one who occupies the space. Gym clothes are fashioned with this perpetual chemical and water trauma in mind, so they will almost certainly last longer. While activewear may be more expensive initially, you will actually save up money in the long run, as you will not be obliged to burn through extra stuff and purchase new clothing every few months.

4. Boosts confidence

Having a proper, designated set of gym clothes that account for all the upsides mentioned above will leave you more motivated. It will boost your confidence when it comes to performance and you will push yourself ever-so further, without having to think for a fraction of a second about what you are wearing or whether you should slow it down due to skin irritation. High-quality gym clothes will also make you more comfortable about partaking in public physical activities, such as jogging since it will clearly signal your intent to everyone in the streets. In other words, nobody will think for a second that you are running away from a band of criminals or officers.

You are not a superficial person if you want to do an appropriate outfit for the gym. It is not primarily about style or accessorizing - though this can be a wonderful outlet for such details - but about assembling a wardrobe of max-efficiency clothes that will boost your performance and your confidence to the fullest. This is the simplicity and, indeed, the allure of the entire philosophy.