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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Surprising Ways To Improve Your Muscle Gains

If you are hoping to gain muscle, and it doesn’t seem to be working as well as you would like, there can be number of things which are the problem. In general it is one of a few basic things which you might need to change, and you have probably already looked into those if you are reading this. Things like increasing your protein intake are obvious, but if you have considered those and taken those changes on board and still don’t see results, you might want to think about the following. Here are some of the more surprising things which you might want to consider to improve your muscle gains easily and quickly, and without fuss.

Become A Bodybuilder

You might well have been lifting weights and eating right, but the truth is that if you want to really gain muscle, then you need to think about becoming a bodybuilder in mind and spirit as well. The more that you inhabit the role of the bodybuilder in your life, the sooner you will see the kinds of changes that you are hoping for, so this is absolutely the way to make sure that you start making more and more gains in your muscle areas. It is as simple as ensuring you are wearing the right shoes and talking about bodybuilding in the right way and often. Check out space jam online to find the right shoes for yourself, so you can really start to get into the role that you need to get into - and make sure that you are thinking and acting like a bodybuilder as best as you can as well.


It has been proven that if you visualize your muscles becoming bigger over time, then they actually do, so it is definitely a good idea to think about getting this right as well. The more you visualize, the sooner you will see the muscle gains you want, to start doing this at least once a day if you really want to make a difference. The truth is that this is actually one of the more surprising and most powerful ways of improving your muscle gains, and yet it is extremely easy to do right. Visualizing is simple and easy, but incredibly powerful, even if you feel silly doing it at first.

Watch The Muscle

Similarly to visualization, you will find that you tend to gain more muscle faster if you also watch the muscle as you work out. Watching the muscle and getting into the gaining mindset as you exercise has been shown to help you increase the amount of muscle gain you can see, so this is worth considering as well. You might be surprised how much of a difference this makes, and ye it is so easy to do that you might as well. Watch your muscles as it grows, and it will actually grow all the more for it.