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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

7 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Deal with Snoring

According to WebMD, forty-five percent of all adult’s snore on an occasional basis. If you are not in this group, you probably know someone who snores. Snoring occurs when air is unable to move freely in the body via the throat and nose. As a result, the tissues surrounding your nose and throat are forced to start vibrating. 

Individuals who snore often tend to have very many tissues in their nasal and throat cavities. There are instances where this is caused by wrong tongue positioning resulting in incessant snoring. You can, however, use the following methods to prevent this from happening:

1. Change Your Sleeping Position

You should try and avoid sleeping on your back. When you sleep straight on your back, your tongue’s base and soft palate are forced to collapse to the back of the throat. The collapse causes vibrations to occur during your sleep, resulting in snoring. You should always sleep on your right or left side.

2. Institute a No Sedatives, Smoking, and Alcohol Policy

People who snore should not take sedatives or consume alcohol and cigarettes. Smoking and alcohol consumption have been seen to reduce your throat muscle’s resting tone. If you regularly snore, you should not drink before sleeping as this will only increase your snoring. Smoking causes your nasal and chest cavities to become congested causing you to snore.

3. Maintain Cleanliness

There is a need to ensure that your bed sheets are cleaned as often as possible. The same should also apply to your room and pillow covers. Keeping your room and bedding clean will eliminate any allergens that may be present. Allergens such as dust mites that may have accumulated in your pillows may aggravate this issue and cause you to snore even more loudly.

4. Get a Good Mattress and Elevate Your Pillow Position

Your mattress can affect your quality of sleep - check out to find out best mattresses. A good mattress should not be too firm, and neither should it be too soft. A mattress that is too firm will be uncomfortable, and will cause you to shift every once in a while, leading to restless, which may in turn lead to a poor sleeping position.

Your pillow positioning will also determine whether you will snore or not. The pillow needs to remain at a high position to ensure that your head is elevated. When the head is elevated, you will be able to breathe more easily. When you combine a good mattress, and proper pillow positioning, you are bound to notice a reduction in your snoring frequency.

5. Lose the Extra Weight

Obesity is another reason why many people snore at night. You need to reduce the extra weight if you are to do away with the snores. But this is not to mean that slim people do not snore, they also snore. The problem with obesity is that some people normally gain weight around their necks. The extra weight or fat then squeezes the internal diameter around their necks. When squeezed, the diameter will normally collapse when this person is sleeping, resulting in snoring.

6. Ensure You Are Properly Hydrated

You need to take as much water as you can during the day. It is essential to make sure that your body never becomes dehydrated. Although all people are different, each person needs to consume a certain amount of water to ensure that their bodies are properly hydrated. Dehydration normally causes the secretions from the soft palate and the nose to thicken. When they become thick, congestion is likely to ensue; this will then cause you to snore.

7. Humidification

Lack of moisture and the presence of dry air in a room are two factors that can aggravate snoring. It is the reason why it is recommended that you open your windows every once in a while to let in some fresh air. Each room in the house needs to be properly ventilated to allow in fresh, clean air.

Inhaling dry air will lead to dryness in your nasal membrane as well as in your throat cavity. Additionally, it may also cause congestion to occur in your chest. When these happen, air movement in your body will be restricted, and vibrations will start to take place. The vibrations will in turn cause you to snore. Habitual snorers are advised to purchase humidifiers and place them in their rooms.

A comfortable bed is equipped with an elevated pillow and a mattress with acceptable firmness is a key to reducing snoring. If you are a regular snorer, confirm whether you need to acquire another mattress, or whether you have an underlying medical condition.