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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Natural Foods And Herbs That Burn Fat

Losing weight is one of the hardest challenges we face through the course of our existence. The problem is many people can’t lose weight as much as they tried, and sometimes they turn to drastic measures such as dietary supplementation and crash diets. These are all unhealthy ways of losing weight and can destroy your body on the long-term. The surest way of shedding pounds is with proper dieting, and it might surprise you but there are natural foods and herbs that can help out. Here are a few of them:

Green Tea

Green tea is packed with antioxidants, and some experts agree that it is the healthiest beverage on Earth. One particular antioxidant contained in green tea is known as catechin and it has been shown to be effective at speeding the weight loss process. It improves the metabolic rate and has the ability to stimulate the fat burning mechanism. Studies have shown that green tea has the power of boosting metabolism, and that it can help people burn with 4% more calories daily.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is another essential type of food that helps fight fat. The omega 3 fatty acids actually change the way the body works, encouraging the fat burning process to utilise the fat as opposed to storing it for future use. Exercise alone is great for the health, but studies have shown that exercise and omega 3 oils together burn far more fat. There’s even a suggestion that fish oils can reduce cravings. Nutritionists recommend 1000mg – 200mg every day, and the best sources are found in salmon.

Gymnema Sylvestre

If you have a sweet tooth you will understand just how difficult any diet is. Enjoying the taste of candy for example, makes it very hard to stick to many diets which simply do not cater for sweet tastes. The answer is a plant that grows in India and in some parts of Africa called Gymnema. 

Basically, it fools you into thinking you had a sugar fix by filling the taste bud receptors. This results in a diminished ability to taste sweet food and therefore eliminates sweet tooth cravings. For best results, take 300mg two or three times a day. Never take more than the recommended amount as there’s a link to low blood sugar.


Guggul also comes from India and is mad out of the sap of the Mukul tree. For many years, it has been used in Ayurvedic medicinal practices and has been found to lower cholesterol, relieve painful joints and assist in losing weight. It works by increasing thyroid production in the body. The increase in thyroid effectively speeds up the metabolism and helps with the fat burning process. Experts say this should be taken three times a day in doses of 500mg for no longer than free months.

Reishi Mushrooms

These have been used for centuries by the Chinese to build strength and immunity whilst fighting fatigue. Reishi mushrooms grow in the wild on fallen logs and are also used to treat hyper-tension. The theory is that they assist with weight loss by giving you a mental boost. If you feel strong and well you are less likely to succumb to those cravings. The recommended dose is between ten and twenty drops of the liquid or a 600ml capsule daily. Never take with coffee or if you are allergic to mushrooms.

Natural foods and herbs can be just as effective as dietary supplements when it comes to weight loss. However, before taking any of the mentioned products, you should consult a dietician or nutritionist to help you fix your dosage. Shedding unwanted fat is a process that demands time and effort; your body can’t burn fat on its own and it must be helped. Adhere to a healthy diet and decide on a workout routine if you want to get back in shape the healthy way.

By Edward Francis and!