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Monday, May 20, 2013

A Different Approach to Fat Burning

Does this approach means no more cardio? Well not quite, but if you train with weights in a correct manner you won’t need to do boring hours of cardio anymore. My method is called the “F4X system” and it is also featured in the “Old School New Body” program. Even though it has some similarities to HIIT, it doesn’t require you to do interval cardio. It relies on using moderate weights, high fatigue training and short breaks between sets. It will pump your muscles really good and burn a lot of fat as well.

So here is what you need to do: take a weight with which you can usually perform 15 reps, but do only 10. Then take a short break of just 30 seconds and do 10 reps again, and repeat this cycle for 4 sets. On the fourth set you will go to failure, and if you can do more than 10 reps you will need to increase the weight on the next workout. The fat burning effect of this method comes from the similarities with Interval Training – you do intense sets with short breaks between them. But this is not all!

Fat-Burning Effect #1

This type of training does great for building muscle via myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic expansion, but it also gives you a lot of muscle burn. The lactic acid will increase your growth hormone, which helps in burning the fat. GH also amplifies other anabolic hormones, making the effect even greater!

Fat-Burning Effect #2

If you perform the correct form of each exercise you will also get myofibrillar trauma. This tiny damaging process will need extra energy during recovery, meaning that you will burn calories even after the workout in order to repair the micro-tears.

To get the maximum benefits of this strategy, do one-second positives and 3-seconds negatives on all of your sets. For example when you do the biceps curl you will lower the weight slowly for 3 seconds, and raise it up in 1 second. The same principle will apply to all exercises. This process of lowering the weight slowly will give you 40 seconds of time under tension, which is an ideal time for muscle hypertrophy. But you want to lose weight, not to gain muscle…I know! But as long as you follow the nutrition plan and maintain a caloric deficit you will not gain muscle but you will burn fat instead, while maintaining your existing muscle mass.

Fat-Burning Effect #3

For even more micro-trauma to the muscle and to burn even more fat, do the last set of the F4X sequence in an X-centric style. That means one second on the way up (positives) and 6 seconds on the way down (negatives). You may not be able to use the same weight as in the first sets, but it will worth it! If you do 8 reps it will result in 56 seconds of time under tension which will make your muscles aching the next day. But don’t worry, this is a good sign! It means that the calories are burned even while you rest in bed!

To sum things up you will perform the F4X system for an increase in GH, for fat-burning micro-trauma because of the slow negatives and for even more time under tension with the X-centric sets. This means that you will get leaner faster, without having to do cardio!

Stay tuned, Train Smart and be Built for Life!

About The Author: Steve Holman is the Editor in Chief of Iron Man Magazine and the co-creator of the “Old School New Bodyprogram. Feel free to visit his website to find lots of useful information for aging adults that want to discover the fountain of youth! 

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