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Monday, January 21, 2013

From Under-Dog to Elite -- An Interview With Clint Nielsen

1. Tell us something about yourself  

My name is Clint Nielsen, I’m a 33 year old born and bred Australian who runs I run my own creative agency for the most part (Pixel Demon), with fitness and health being the other 50% of my work lifestyle. 

2. What determined you to start working out and having a healthy lifestyle?

For the most part, it was peer pressure back in my early twenties. I remember being out drinking with my mates and one of them mocked me by saying “Hey Clint, nice man-boobs”. It was a realization that I had let myself go, and needed to do something about it. So I set about learning and trialing a whole bunch of different methods. Obviously there was a whole bunch of trial and error in my 13+ years of training, but I think I’ve finally found the methods that work best for me and my lifestyle — which at the end of the day, should be the goal for everyone.

3. What progress have you made so far?

Where does one begin! — I’ve come a long way from where I was when I began. The biggest changes and the most notable ones are permanent sub 10% body fat year-round. I’ve found methods and strategies that allow me to have a ‘life’ as well as train hard and keep my body in check.

4. Which is your actual training routine?

I’m currently preparing RTS v2.0, so I’m going back and completing the entire training course from the original and ‘tweaking’ it along the way to make it even better. To give you an idea of what it entails: The entire concept is based around periodization and constant ‘progress’ in one of the three areas at any given time (strength, fat loss and muscle gain). Stage 1 concentrates on Strength, Stage 2 is on Muscle Gain, Stage 3 is on Fat loss with the final stage (Stage 4) concentrating on a 1 week ‘photo shoot’ strategy to get as ripped as possible (not for everyone).

5. Tell us your favorite exercise and your favorite meal!

Anything involving the chest and triceps so I’d have to say close-grip bench press and incline dumbbell presses. Favourite meals are hard to choose, as I have so many. Pizza and pasta are pretty high on the list, with crumbed Atlantic salmon and aged wagyu steaks not far behind.

6. What are your future Fitness plans?

Continue to refine what I know. The important thing to realize is that you will never reach a point where you ‘know it all’. New studies and ideas are presented all the time, and I aim to stay on top of them. In regards to ‘Crude Fitness’, I plan on releasing a few product lines, writing another book in conjunction with my sister (lifestyle coach) and becoming one of the more ‘interesting’ fitness resources on the internet ;)

7. What determined you to write your own Fitness Program? (“Reveal The Steel”)

Being subjected to so much BS throughout my training career, I wanted to distill down what I have learned in over 12 years of training/dieting etc. I felt that my own ‘story’ was relatable to a lot of folks out there who used to be ‘fat’, and if I could help empower them to better themselves, I’d see that as the ultimate reward. I love helping people and seeing them go from an under-dog, right up to an elite level.

8. Tell us more about it. How many people used it and had results?

I think there’s roughly 500 or so of ‘Steelers’ (as I call them) out there currently doing the program and following it to the letter. The emails and feedback I get through the ‘Member Portal’ have been amazing, with so many people seeing dramatic strength changes even after 3 weeks training with the program.

9. How can people get in touch with you?  

They can find me on my Blog, on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.  

10. And finally say a few words to the readers of!

Thanks for reading my story. Please feel free to reach out, connect and email me — I always write back!

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