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Saturday, January 19, 2013

6 Tips to Get Six Pack Abs & Lose Fat

You must have given enough excuses to get out of your fitness program: hectic work schedule, some friend's wedding or unfinished work. These excuses may have saved you from any fitness program, but they may not save you from your deteriorating health condition due to unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise or improper diet. All these conditions result in obesity problems and the development of certain severe diseases. At that point in time, you will regret not having a proper diet, a fitness routine or taking the help of any expert. But it is not too late for you to get yourself enrolled in a good fitness program. Take things seriously and plan your routine accordingly.   

Could you think of any better option than this: six pack abs along with weight loss. We certainly cannot! Six pack abs is the “talk of the town" this season. All the fitness freaks not only want a good mental and physical health but also a six pack abs. If you are also bored from the ugly looking bulging tummy fat and are badly looking out for solutions which can give you not only a sound mind but also a sound body, then you are at the right place. We are going to help you in not only burning the body fat but also converting the muscles into a good shape which is six pack abs. Just stay with us and follow these simple steps.

Tip #1: Be in a Caloric Deficit

The first and most important rule of weight loss is to be in a caloric deficit. That means to burn more calories than you consume and to be below maintenance level (you can easily calculate this here). You can achieve this by eating less, by exercising more and by eating low calorie foods…or even better, by combining these 3 methods.

Tip #2: Schedule Your Workouts

It takes a lot of training and diet control to get a proper six pack abs. You have to be very specific in your diet plan and devote maximum time in doing various forms of workouts. Cardio and weight lifting exercises would get you to your goal. The timing for doing these exercises also matters a lot. For instance, you should maintain a gap of 5-6 hours between bedtime and exercising in order to get a good sleep and recover better. Many people find it very easy to work out in the morning. This way they have more free time in the evening and they stay focused on their diet throughout the entire day.

Tip #3: Do HIIT

The people who are heading for weight loss and a six pack abs must have to devote some extra time in the gym. They have to break more sweat than what they were expecting before starting the fitness program. In order to burn fat, you have to perform more cardio exercises and especially HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Weight loss is only possible through good forms of fat burning exercises combined with a proper diet.

Tip #4: Do Abs Exercises

The above points describe the weight loss strategy, but what about muscle building for your abs? These comprise of some rigorous moves, which in the first attempt may be difficult for you. But as you gradually advance, you will find them much easier to do. The basic Crunches, Sit-ups and Leg Raises should do the job and you can also add some planks. Just make sure to work all the abs muscles: the upper abs, lower abs and the obliques.

Tip #5: Eat More Protein

You also need to keep the protein intake high and the carbohydrates intake low, but to some extent. At this point you can replace one of your meals with a protein shake and you must not opt for a supplement that contains sugar or fats. Protein helps in building mass and at the same time helps in weight loss, as these nutrients make you feel full for a longer time and also supply lots of energy.

Tip #6: Sleep and Drink Water

This tip is very simple for you to follow which puts stress on the consumption of plenty of water and taking a good sleep each night. Without these two aspects, any fitness program is incomplete. A good sleep will give you a sound mind so that you concentrate more on various forms of exercises. Water, on the other hand, will help you in going long way by keeping you hydrated all day long. Water is also a helping agent in removing the toxins from the body and improving your digestion so that the food you eat helps you to increase the metabolic rate.

By going through the above mentioned tips, you would be able to hit the target soon, lose fat and achieve six pack abs.

This was a Guest Post by Nicol Miller.

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