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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Walking Canes

Whenever we think of walking canes, we automatically assume they are an item to be used only by our elders or by someone who has a major injury, this, however, couldn’t be further from the truth; a walking cane can be helpful at times when you are dealing with a minor injury or even an inflamed muscle, it provides you with additional support and in turn it will make your recovery faster.

If you work out with heavy weights, there is a chance you may have experienced some lower back pain or even a minor injury, if so, it’s always a good idea to keep a walking cane handy for those times you feel you may need a little extra support. Nowadays, there is no excuse, there are so many fashionable options available in the market that you don’t have to settle for something that will not match your style or wardrobe.

If you are considering purchasing your first walking cane a good starting point is to understand what material you would like it to be made of, the size you need and the type of handle you prefer.

A popular starter cane would be an adjustable derby handle cane, these are easy for first timers as these canes don’t require the user to know their size, as it can be adjusted accordingly and the derby handle is comfortable and stylish. Another reason an adjustable cane is typically a popular cane is due to the lightweight material; they are usually made of carbon fiber or aluminum, this makes the cane easier to carry.

If you prefer the look of a wooden cane, it’s important to get your measurement, the way you would measure is with your arms resting comfortably on your side and have someone measure from your wrist down to the floor.

Don’t shy away from a cane, you will find it to be worth having it handy whenever you find yourself in need.