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Friday, January 5, 2018

2018 Fitness Goals: 2 Areas Which Probably Need Addressing

Well, 2017 has come and gone, and we are now once again stuck with the start of the new year. Like most years, this year will probably not make it much easier for anyone, and as life tends to be, it will not be doing anyone any favours. Will it be any better than 2017? Only time will tell, but what you can do right now is make the most of that new year motivation and finally get around to doing all those things you’ve been telling yourself you are going to do. It’s a time for new beginnings and setting new goals for yourself which will help you keep on top of your game for the coming year. Read on if you feel like you need some inspiration for personal goals for the coming year, as we will be looking at two major areas which may be extremely beneficial to both your bodybuilding and your general wellbeing.

Finally stick to a regular exercise routine

Not many people can safely say that they’ve successfully managed to stick to an exercise routine for more than a few weeks, but those that have, have most certainly felt the benefits. Exercise is not only about trying to stay “fit”, but it is also a testament to your personal organisation and mental strength, proving to yourself that you can stick to something for extensive periods of time. Now, a lot of people may say that they find it hard to somehow cram a fitness routine somewhere into their already packed schedule, but the truth is that exercise in itself is a very flexible activity. If you told yourself that you will run an X amount of kilometres or X minutes a day, then you can probably achieve that goal even before work by replacing your daily commute with a morning jog. Even general exercises which require you to do various stretches and activities, can be performed either in the comfort of your own home or even somewhere in the park. Opportunities are out there, and if you truly want to commit to a proper exercise routine, then chances are you have no good excuses not to do so.

Pick up a new martial art

Hitting the gym and exercising is all well and good, but after a long while it can feel somewhat tiring. Now in the literal sense of course, you don’t really need a long while to feel tired after the gym in the first place. However, after a few years of regular gym visits and training at home or anywhere else outside of the gym, some people lose inspiration, as they feel like they are just doing the same thing over and over. To still stay in shape but try something different entirely, why not pick up a new martial art? Martial arts often include a rigorous training routine which could even replace your current one and are sure to broaden your bodybuilding or fitness horizons even further. Considering you can even go and sign up for a free week-long trial of classes on websites such as there really is no excuse to not try something new out. No need for long-term commitments to just see if you are into it or not, you can go ahead and try it out guilt-free, just to see if it is something you like. Of course, if you find martial arts as fascinating as a lot of other people tend to, then this might grow into something more than a passing phase. With opportunities to become a teacher or trainer yourself after a few years of training, some people even quit their day jobs to pursue a career in that field.