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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Right Exercise Plan To Suit Your Fitness Needs

There was once a time when people thought that simply having a gym membership constituted having an exercise routine. Although quite clearly nonsense, the amount of people who secured themselves a gym membership in January to make themselves feel better about the extra few pounds they’d put on over Christmas was astonishing. Many people still purchase a gym membership today because it seems a good deal, use it once or twice and then allow it to languish as a direct debit payment from a bank account never to be utilized again.

Going to the gym takes a certain mindset, but everyone can achieve it. Firstly, you need to want to accomplish a fitness goal. This should give you the initial spark of motivation to want to head to the gym to complete your workouts. Secondly and most importantly, you need to be doing the appropriate workout that will see you achieving your goals. Every week you should see progress after a few sweaty sessions at the gym. If you don’t see measurable progress, you risk becoming disillusioned by the whole venture and will more than likely give up. Take a look at this guide to help you select the best style of workout plan to suit your fitness needs.


Training For A Specific Event

If you are already relatively fit and are no stranger to exercise but you are starting to ramp up your training for a particular event, you’ll need to select an appropriate workout to strengthen specific muscle groups. If you are planning to run a marathon, you’ll need at least six months of hard graft to build up the endurance levels needed to complete a 26.2 mile course.

You’ll need to embark on a range of drills to encourage your body to run for an unnaturally long distance. You’ll be completing interval training, speed workouts and a weekly conversational run which should increase in length every time you complete it. You might also want to venture onto the rower every now and then to break up your running pattern and introduce a different way of developing endurance.

Running a marathon is a tough challenge for anyone to complete so it’s vital that you select a well-researched training schedule that you can stick to. Just because you feel good, positive and motivated don’t be tempted to train on rest days. They are vital for the recovery of your muscles, and you don’t want to risk an injury through over-training.


Get Lean But Maybe Not Mean

Toning up so that your body emulates the Adonis that you know is hiding inside of you somewhere is the trickiest part of exercising. You may be able to lose weight, and you may also be able to see a slight decrease in your body fat ratio, but all of those spears of asparagus, florets of broccoli and mountains of spinach don't appear to be having the desired effect. You feel like you are doing everything you need to get lean and sculpted but there's not an inkling of muscle definition in sight. What's going on?

It’s imperative that you don’t rely on cardio to achieve your aim of becoming sculpted. You need to exercise your muscles. For those of us who spend up to an hour jogging on a treadmill, it can seem odd to complete a workout that may not see you huffing and puffing your way out of the gym. However, lifting weights will build muscle mass. Make sure you are lifting a weight just outside your comfort zone. By your third rep, you should be struggling and feeling the burn. If not, your muscles are already conditioned to the weight, and you won’t see any definition.

As well as your cardio/weight mix, you need to be putting the right fuel into your body. It’s wise to research the best supplement stack for weight loss and muscle gain to boost your protein intake that will see you able to work out harder for longer. Alongside a healthy meal plan where you are sourcing the correct balance of nutrients, you are enabling your body to be in peak condition ready for your workouts at the gym.


Improving Your Core

If your sole objective is to enhance the strength of your core to enable you to function better in another sport such as martial arts or kickboxing, your gym workout will be vastly different from lifting weights and running on the treadmill. Your core is the very foundation of your strength, and a stable core will increase your endurance in other activities.

The traditional exercises of press ups, crunches and sit ups alongside a plank or two will improve your core strength. With the addition of balance and coordination drills, you will find that your stability is enhanced, and because your center of gravity is more level, your risk of injury is lowered.


Eating The Right Food

No matter what exercise plan you are following, you need to give your body the nutrients it needs to fuel a workout while not overeating or succumbing to sweet temptations. All workouts require a balance of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. This balance alters depending on your fitness goals. If you are looking to build muscle, you’ll need to source more protein. If you are training to run a marathon or you’re tempted to enter a triathlon event, you will rely more heavily upon carbohydrates to fuel the endurance required.

When at your gym, it pays to speak to the trainers and staff and ask their advice. They may have free meal plans and exercise suggestions to enhance your training schedule. These can then be adapted to suit your requirements.

Joining a gym is the easy part. By selecting the right workout for you, eating the right food and ensuring your body has the nutrients it needs, you will be able to measure your progress week by week, maintaining your motivation and ultimately achieving your fitness goals.