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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Compression Wear And Its Application In The Gym

Compression wear has often been thought of as something to wear to combat varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) on long airplane flights, but recent research has found another application for it. Compression wear is now the workout gear of choice for many people who go to the gym to get fit.

What Is Compression Wear?

You will often see athletes wearing sleek, tight clothing that molds around their bodies. This is compression wear and they wear it because it is believed to help reduce swelling, aches, and pains that occur after your body has been put through a heavy physical workout, or for someone who has suffered muscular damage. 

Recently however, it has also been found to improve the performance of those engaging in physical activity because it improves the blood flow to the body’s muscles. This improved blood flow means that the body can often work for longer and that recovery times are shorter.

How Does Compression Wear Work?

The technology behind compression wear is actually very simple. To take compression socks as an example – they create a pressure across a multitude of one-way valves that are present in the body’s veins. The difference in pressure this creates causes blood to flow back towards the heart and act against gravity. Gravity can be responsible for causing blood to collect in the veins of people who are immobile for significant lengths of time.

Compression Wear for Every Part of the Body

It used to be that the only compression wear clothing for men that was available on the market were mens compression socks, such as those found at, but now there are items of compression wear available for practically every part of your body.

Apart from socks, you can also get leggings, calf guards, vests, long-sleeve tops, sleeves, hoods and even skullcaps. If you find that you often pull or strain muscles in your arms by lifting weights that are too heavy, you should be wearing a long-sleeve top or pull-on sleeves. If you have a tendency to overdo sit-ups, then you should put on an abdominal compression sleeve.

During Workouts

Of course, you will benefit most if you put on compression wear before engaging in exercise, not just at the recovery stage. Not only will the clothing improve your circulation, but it also helps to draw moisture away from the body, so that if it is warm or you are working hard and start sweating, the compression wear will cool you down; it will also keep you warm during the winter months. Some compression wear fabric also comes impregnated with an anti-bacterial agent, so even if you do perspire, you will not be working out with an odor of stale sweat about you.

Compression wear acts as a supportive second skin for your body, and as it is made of a flexible and breathable fabric you need not worry that you will be stiff; you will be able to do squats and sit-ups as easily as you did before.