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Monday, July 15, 2013

Fit & Sexy Bikini Competitor Sera Elisabeth Talks With

1. Let’s begin by saying a few things about yourself 

My name is Sera Elisabeth. I was born in Germany and came to Canada at a young age, where I now currently live in Toronto, ON. I actually studied real estate appraisal in college and university I since then have continued my education and career within this industry as well. I have been an active Bikini competitor in the Ontario Physique Association for nearly a year, placing first in both competitions I have entered.

2. For how long you’ve been working out and why you decided to start this journey? 

I have always been an active person. However I didn’t become consistent until about 3 years ago when I picked up jogging. Yes I was a cardio bunny. It was not until I had serious shin splints and was unable to jog or run that I decided to pick up weights! About a year and half later I came in contact with my coach Jason Pilon ( and haven’t looked back since!

3. Tell us your favorite exercise and your favorite meal.

My favorite exercise is SQUATS hands down. They are one of the best compound exercises you could do. They promote balance, mobility, core strength (abs) and overall body muscle development (just too name a few). There are so many variations and you can do them literally anywhere any time! No Excuses ;)

4. Describe a regular day in your life and all the meals you have.

When dieting for a competition my diet gets very restrictive. It includes LOTS of vegetables, sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, lean meats, eggs, nuts and seeds etc. While not prepping for anything in specific I still try to stick to mainly whole foods with as little ingredients as possible. I eat this way because I enjoy it too. It does not have to be boring what so ever; I love to mess around in the kitchen and create new things. Pancakes are one of my favorite! You can find this protein pancakes recipe on my Facebook page or Instagram!

5. What are your Fitness plans for the future? 

My fitness plans are to continue fitness modeling and competing. My next show is September 14th of this year, for Provincials ‘Natural’’ in the OPA.

6. How can people get in touch with you?

I can be reached through E-mail at, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

7. And finally say a few words to the readers of!

Always Train Insane!! ;) Listen to your body. Fill your life with positive thoughts and people. Find your healthy balance! Exercise should accentuate your life not take it over :)

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