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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Fat Loss Factor Review

"The Fat Loss Factor" is a newly released weight loss system that is creating a huge buzz at the moment. A lot of people have claimed that it is highly effective and it helped them a lot.  The program was created by Dr. Charles Livingston who is a qualified chiropractor as well as a wellness specialist. Take note that his credentials are seemingly concrete. He created The Fat Loss Factor eBook after he experimented with some of his patients who were able to lose up to 90 pounds.

The Fat Loss Factor is a revolutionary program that shows that weight loss is achievable even with an occasional eating spree. This is ideal since the mental stress of limiting down on desired food is one fact that forces many people to quit. As an alternative of incorporating the customary boot camp type of weight loss routine, the Fat Loss Factor is a well balanced and attainable program that average individuals can use.

The program begins with a 2-weeks detoxification period where Dr. Charles Livingston advises you to consume only organic vegetables and fruits. This is followed by 10 weeks of weight loss. Take note that the principles behind the program are quite simple. First, stress only makes weight loss difficult to achieve. Minimize stress and your goal of weight loss is easier to achieve as well as including exercises in order to lower down mental stress. The Fat Loss Factor also promotes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This is very useful since it takes a lesser amount of time than staying for many hours on a treadmill.
The meal plan included in the program is specialized to boost fat burning where small meals should be eaten many times a day instead of the classic 3 meals a day. It includes a list of foods to be avoided and those that can boost weight loss as well as the ideal time to eat meals to further increase fat burn. Even strength training is an essential part of the "Fat Loss Factor" program since it facilitates the body to build muscles as well as increase weight loss by boosting the metabolism. Lastly, drinking a lot of water is a vital part of the program since it flushes out toxins and helps cut down fat.

The Fat loss Factor program is based on studies that actually work. The program requires a good amount of determination and effort, so if you are intending to lose weight then you should definitely give it a try. Simply click here to visit the official website and get your copy today!

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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