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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Can Low Testosterone Cause Depression and Anxiety?

We all know that testosterone is the male hormone, the one that differentiates a man from a woman and the main responsible for muscle and strength. Low levels of testosterone are associated with a loss in muscle mass and bone mass, high levels of body fat as well as many diseases such as diabetes, depression or anxiety. Dr. Mohit Khera and his colleagues from the Baylor College of Medicine have discovered that testosterone replacement therapy reduces the symptoms of depression on middle aged men.  

The researchers observed 762 men that were having a testosterone replacement therapy and which were registered in the TRiUS National Testosterone Registry (a database which keeps the effects of testosterone treatments under observation). Most of the males (92,4%) were suffering from anxiety and 17,3% had severe forms of depression. After a 12 months treatment with this hormone, the symptoms have been reduced dramatically on most of the men. Testosterone supplementation reduces depression symptoms even on men that take antidepressant medication. (Aging Male, 15: 14-21, 2012)

If you think that you are suffering from depression or have any of the symptoms of low testosterone (decreased sexual function and desire, erectile dysfunctions, low muscle mass and strength, increased levels of body fat, irritability, anxiety, loss of memory or low energy) then you need to take action right away! And this doesn’t necessary means to start a long and expensive therapy or to use any drugs, gels or injections. What we recommend you is the book called "The Man Diet", which is an unique guide that will dramatically improve your life. You can find more info by visiting this link

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