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Saturday, May 19, 2012

3 Methods for Quick Muscle Building

Many people struggle with muscle building and try many systems that prove to be little more than useless. In this article we will describe several high-performance muscle building tips that can supercharge your exercises and boost your muscle growth.

Do Compound Exercises

It was proven in various studies that compound exercises are much more efficient in building muscle and stimulate growth much more than single-joint exercises. In other words, doing benchpress can be more effective for your triceps than triceps-focused exercises. It is highly recommended that you include several compound exercises in your workout routine, such as Dips, Bench Press, Squats and Deadlifts. Those exercises will give you an edge in working out and will also contribute to better proportions as they work on multiple muscles at the same time.

Another advantage of such exercises is that they work on multiple muscles, so they save you time required to work out on each particular muscle.

Reach High Levels of Intensity

For maximum results it is advised to do only one set for any exercise, but push yourself towards your point of muscle failure. Our muscles grow only when we push them to the limit and put a lot of stress on them. Doing 15-20 repetitions simply not going to trigger such growth, so it is more recommended to do 8-12 repetitions, slowly, and reach the point in which you cannot move the weight any more. This will trigger maximal muscle growth in minimal time.

Do Each Repetition Slowly

This is highly important. You can see many people in the gym doing their exercises quickly and in high speeds, but this is not so effective and actually is cheating. Doing your repetitions quickly uses momentum instead of force, and make the repetitions easier to do. Remember, the goal is not number of repetitions but quality and intensity. It is much better to do each repetitions for 3-4 seconds, without momentum, so your muscles are faced with measured effort. It will help you lift lighter weights but reach higher intensity levels. This will trigger more muscle growth and better results.

This was a Guest Post by Dan Storren, a bodybuilding fanatic. You can visit his site for more high-performance muscle building tools and tricks. 

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