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Friday, March 16, 2012

3 Steps for a Skinny Guy to Gain Muscle

In case you are a skinny guy and your biggest question is: “can a skinny guy gain muscle?” you should know that the answer is YES! There are many success stories out there, including mine (read more about it here) so we know for sure that things can be done. In this article I will present to you the 3 main steps that a skinny guy needs to follow in order to gain quality muscles!

The exercises

There are so many bodybuilding exercises to choose from, but not all of them will work for a tall, skinny guy. The main thing you should do is stick to the compound exercises and use mostly free weights. All of those fancy machines found in the modern gyms won’t help you at all! Some of the exercises that must be included in your workout are: the squats, the deadlifts, the biceps hammer curl, the incline bench press, the leg press and a few more others. But as I’ve said before, the main idea is to do the basic, compound exercises (those that work more muscle groups at the same time), and to stick to dumbbells and barbells.

The workouts

Of course you don’t have to do all the exercises mentioned above in the same day, and you need to have a very well defined program. You don’t need to go to the gym each and every day, and one training per week won’t be enough either. The most common routine for most of the people consists of 3 or 4 sessions each week. There are many workouts to choose from, and the main idea is to work 2-3 muscular groups per workout (a large group and a smaller one), to make 3 exercises for the big group and 2 for the smaller one and to train for about 1,5-2 hours. An example of a weekly routine would be:

Day 1: Back + Triceps
Day 2: Chest + Biceps
Day 3: Legs + Shoulders

For a more complex bodybuilding program that includes exercises, routines, diets and many more, we definitely recommend the "Muscle Gaining Secrets" program


The diet

The main idea here is to: eat a lot! Since you are a tall and skinny guy and you also have a fast metabolism you can eat just about anything. The main component of your diet should  be the proteins – chicken or fish meat, eggs, cheese, milk, yoghurts and some vegetables too. To gain muscles you also need to eat a lot of carbohydrates, fruits & vegetables and also healthy fats.

As I’ve said, these are just the main ideas and things are much more complex. If you want to get deeper in this topic and to find out all there is to know about gaining muscle for skinny guys (exercises, workouts and diets) simply join the program of Vince del Monte. As I’ve said in a previous article, he is my raw model and he really helped me a lot! So you can trust him too! ;)

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