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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

5 Must Have Home Gym Equipment On Budget

How many of us want to lose weight and get fit for the summers? Seems like all it has become is a new year's resolution that follows with a gym subscription at the start of the year and within a span of 2 months, turns to ash and dust. But, how would you feel if you had your own gym to go to without paying a subscription and investing a little out of your pocket? Sounds about a decent thing to do right? Well, it is. In this post, we have tried compiling a list of 5 must have gym home equipment:

1. Adjustable dumbbells

Dumbbells are a versatile equipment that is a great fit for your home. While the market is filled with a variety of options, you might want to play it smart and opt for adjustable dumbbells. The BowflexSelectTech 552 is a great piece of equipment that you can own at your own home gym and hit some weights. All you need to do is turn the dial and just like that you can get access to weights from 5 to 50 pounds. The Bow-flex currently sells three different variants of the product in the market.

2. A pull-up bar

Nothing is a better show of strength than a person capable of lifting his own body-weight. Some of us can’t even do two pull-ups in a succession let alone take our entire weights. This multi strength device is a great way to sculpt your upper body via pull-ups, abdominal exercises, and chin ups. Iron Gym Body Workout is an excellent piece of equipment that is portable and easy to fix in your home.

3. Stability balls

Stability balls are nothing but giant inflated balls whose size and composition varies from 45-70 centimeters in diameter and are fully capable of supporting adult weight. Duraball Pro Stability balls are a great choice in this regard. The Duraball has an amazing resistance of 1100 pounds and comes in a range of colors with a 100% replacement guarantee. This vital piece of equipment is capable of not doing your abs exercises but an effective total body workout.

4. Kettlebells

Kettlebells exercises combine resistance training and cardiovascular exercises in one single session. This exercise helps you condition your body while building muscles. Depending on your fitness level, you can choose from a variety of kettlebells in the market ranging from 5 to 75 pounds. Body Solid Iron Kettlebells are a great option here.

5. A weightlifting bench

A weightlifting bench is a great piece of home equipment to have and can assist you with your free weights. You can switch up stances and positions as per the exercises you want to perform. The Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable Weight lifting bench is a great option to go for if you are on the lookout for one.

Acquiring fitness can become little expensive with gym equipments, so if you are looking for the best deals on fitness equipment, be sure to visit So there you have the 5 must have home gym equipment to own in your own home gym. Start your fitness regime today.