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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Grappling with Setting Up a Great Home Gym?

So many people try to create the perfect home gym, so many people fail! Why do they fail, because they don’t choose the right equipment - they go for the obvious stuff like dumbbells and treadmills, which although they should be included, aren’t exactly the be all end all of the gym experience they’re trying to recreate.

If you’re currently grappling with great gym design, here are some of the less obvious things you should try to include, depending on your goals, at least:

A Punchbag

Every home gym should have its own punchbag, particularly one of the ones sold at, simply because they’re a great way to burn calories and cut fat, which will also improve your power and help to build up your arms. Oh, they’re a great thing to have around when you’re having a really bad day, and you just want to punch something, too!


Kettlebells build muscle, burn fat and give you a pretty good anaerobic workout all in one go, and they’re only a few inches wide, which means they’re ideal for home gym use. If you want to make the most of them, get a few in different sizes, so you can do more and keep progressing as you build muscle and resistance.

A Grappling Dummy

If you practice any kind of martial arts of wrestling, where you will have to physically touch another person, then it’s worth investing in one of the dummies at, for your home gym. That way, you can work on perfecting your moves even when you aren’t at your Dojo or gym. It’ll give you the edge over your fellow fighters who don’t have their own well-equipped gym at home!

A TRX Suspension Training Kit

If you’ve been in a gym lately, you’ll probably have noticed a TRX suspension training kit in prominent place. That’s because they offer a complete body workout without taking up very much space at all, and in a home gym, where you probably don’t have masses of space to work with, they can be a complete lifesaver too.

A Balance Trainer

Balance trainers are fantastic to have in any home gym. Why? Quite simply because they supercharge any other exercise you of by forcing you to think more about your core, keeping it active, so that your abs develop more and you’re always strong and stable.

A Pull-Up Bar

Pull-up bars take up virtually no space at all, but if you’ve ever tried to do a pull-up, you’ll know just how much effort it takes, and if you've done pull-ups regularly, you’ll know just how much it develops your arm and back muscles.It’s a must-have in any home gym.

A Clear Space

Leaving a clear space in your home gym, which is big enough that you can lie down or hold your arms out to the sides without encountering any obstacles is a really good idea. It means you can do floor exercises like yoga and Pilates, swing a kettlebell with ease and do a whole host of other activities safely.

Now it’s time to get ripped!