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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Diet - Mastering The Other 90% Of Weight Loss

We all know that exercise is important to losing weight. If you expend more energy than you intake, then you’re guaranteed to lose weight in the vast majority of cases. It’s that simple. However, exercise isn’t always the simplest solution. It’s a lot less effort to simply intake fewer calories than it is to burn them. That’s why many will claim that diet is 90% of all weight loss efforts. But how do you get more out of that 90%?

Less is more

Portion control is often the most troublesome effort of eating healthily for many. If you’re used to eating a lot, your appetite will adapt to that. You can trick your belly by eating high-volume, low-mass foods, as highlighted in this Guide To Maximising Food Volume When Dieting For Weight Loss. Popcorn’s a good example of that. It’s lightweight, so you can eat more of it than you would other foods. Your belly gets tricked by the maximized food volume, but you’re eating less than usual. In time, however, you want to get naturally used to eating less, as far as volume is concerned.

Beating your worst self

Of course, your cravings can get in the way of that, to the point that it feels like they have much more sway over you than your own head does. Finding some resilience is crucial, but there are some tips to help you trick those cravings, as well. Drinking more water, chewing more gum, and eating more protein-rich foods can make a big difference, for instance. But having food prepared is a big improvement, too. For instance, if you come home from work feeling tired, you might not want to start preparing a meal from scratch. Having one partially prepared in the fridge can make it a lot easier to avoid dialing up a takeout instead.

Can you change your metabolism?

Everyone has a metabolic rate, chiefly that at which they naturally burn their calories. While your metabolism isn’t everything to the thermodynamics of weight loss, it can help you get an extra edge. And there are ways to improve your metabolism. Beyond all the normal aspects of healthy life such as good sleep and plenty of exercise, good detox teas can help, too. Look at The Ultimate Guide To Using Detox Tea For Weight Loss as a resource for finding the right one. The better your metabolism, the more all your other weight loss efforts are going to pay off. Just don’t make the mistake of believing that metabolism is the end all and be all. Diet and exercise are still crucial.

Track absolutely everything

Finding out that metabolic rate of yours is crucial to determining the core of your diet, as well. Your Body Mass Index is not only going to tell you which category your body falls into but how many calories you should be eating per day. The only way to make sure you stick in that range is to start a food diary and calorie counting. Beyond helping you keep track, it will also help highlight some of the cravings and bad food habits that you’re particularly prone to.

A diet should encompass more than just how much you eat, of course. Nutritional content is always vital. But focusing on portion and calorie control and making use of which diets work best for you can be an effective start to build from.