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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fuel Your Body

Your body's a temple. Well, should be. Most of you will agree it is in fact a dump site for alcohol and bad food. But, as you get a bit older, you’ll realise you need to treat it with the respect it deserves. Bodybuilding is the ultimate way to condition yourself to treat your body better. This applies to both healthy eating, and exercise. Let’s take a look at some ways you can prepare your body for the challenge ahead.

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Food is the biggest part of body building. Without it, you’ll not have near enough as much energy as required. But don’t fill it with the junk you usually do. Start thinking about meal prep, and what to put in it. You need a good balance of macros, micros and fats. Healthy fats are a must. The main foods you need to try and incorporate into your diet is chicken, lean red meats, greens such as broccoli, spinach etc, and nuts for a source of healthy fats. Now, it’s hard to keep meal prepping without getting bored of the flavors. So mix up how you do it. Don’t just stick to the stereotypical chicken, broccoli and rice. You’ll get bored and lose focus. Try mixing it up, use different flavorings, sauces, and always keep your days varied in terms of meats and veg. Maybe even noodles some days to take a break from the rice. The high levels of protein are exactly what you need to help fuel your exercise, and repair your muscles and prevent injuries. The macros and micros are also another form of energy that you can’t go without. Make sure you’re balancing the 3 though, find a combination that works for you. Always keep your fats the lowest.


A vital component that a lot of people seem to forget. Start with a pre workout. These are either tablets, or powder that you mix into a drink before a workout. They will give you such a buzz, you may experience the shakes or tingles. Don’t be alarmed, it’s just the caffeine, creatine, and other supplements rushing through your body. But it’ll power through your workout. You might also want to try testosterone boosters. Like with pre workouts, the help give you that extra bit of aggression to lift the bigger weights. Take them in moderation, and it’ll help make some serious gains. Check out Elite Testosterone Replacement for more information. BCAA’s are also a great addition. They speed up protein synthesis, getting the muscle repair to begin quicker.


So many people forget how important water is. Being dehydrated whilst working out increases chances of early fatigue, lactic acid build up, and muscle pains and cramp. It helps to flush out the toxins after a workout, and boosts the immune system. It is a well known fact the immune system function drops during a workout, so drink plenty before and after. It’s a well known energy booster as well. The health benefits are just amazing, don’t forget to miss it out of your diet.