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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Beat The Boredom In Your Next Workout

If you are on the cusp of a new workout regimen, you’ll likely be mentally gearing up for the boredom that comes with it. Exercise can be a lonely venture, especially if you are working out solo. The thing is, exercise does not have to suck! Starting a workout routine where you feel fired up and motivated is great, but it doesn’t often stay that way. Exercise is a necessary evil when you want to get fit and healthy, but despite the best of efforts, gym bunny status doesn’t often stay current!

You could be in the gym at 5am every single day of the week, posting your selfies online with hashtags that tell the world all about your commitment to exercise, but one day it hits. It could be the weather that triggers it. After all, who wants to drag themselves out of bed at the crack of dawn in the pouring rain in the middle of winter? The idea of even one more workout makes you want to curl under the duvet and never emerge again, no matter how good your glutes look in the latest Active Wear! So, how can you bust the boredom cycle and stay in your zone?

Vary Your Workouts

There’s one thing that all can agree on, the workouts you do over and over can be SO tedious. The same treadmill routine can get tiring and when you’ve pounded miles out on one machine, you should swap to something else. Go crazy on the stair master. Break away from the gym machines in general and head for the aerobics classes. Varying that routine can make all the difference and help you feel like you’re breaking through the boredom.

Staff Motivation

Gyms can be boring, if they don’t bother with their d├ęcor or their motivational posters. Opting to go for a funny gym who put emphasis on keeping you motivated is the way forward here. Approach the staff and ask questions about personal training. Have someone stand with you and effectively be a paid cheerleader telling you how well you are doing. It all goes toward making you want to keep working out.

Partner Up

Going to the gym alone is half the reason for boredom. Get together with a friend on a regular enough basis that you push each other during your workouts. You’re far likelier to come across as athletic and competitive, and let’s be honest here, no one wants to be lazy in front of their bestie!

Choose Fun

The word ‘workout’ may in itself invoke ideas of how you can avoid breaking a sweat, but you’re far more likely to stick at it if you choose a fun workout activity. Classes like Zumba, trampolining and hula-hooping can make fitness so much more fun than weight training or running. Choose to go for something fun for your workout and watch the difference in your efforts!

Don’t sink back beneath the duvet; get up, lace up and get your sweat on!