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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Meal replacement shakes and their advantages

Meal replacement shakes have become popular in the world today. This is because they aid in faster weight loss while maintaining our feeding habits in our busy schedules. You can be able to lose weight using these shakes and still get the essential nutrients for proper body functioning. Most shakes contain low carbohydrates and calorie content. Studies have shown that the shakes contain 200 – 400 calories and also contain mineral, proteins and vitamins. The shakes are used for different purposes; some are used for health reason, other for aesthetic training, some as a meal-on-the-go and other for weight loss. Most people use the shakes for weight loss issues since they lose weight and keep it off for more than a year. It is also faster as compared to other methods used for weight loss.


Weight management

Studies have shown that the shakes are very effective methods of weight loss as they contain less fat and carbohydrates content. This is mainly important for the diabetic people who have to keep their weight at bay. Obese people have also been found to lose weight faster using the MRS than using other methods. Protein shakes as meal replacements are considered to be the best due their satiating ability.


When losing weight, shakes have better advantages to full foods in terms of convenience. They are easy to carry, drinking and simple preparation. Mostly no preparation is needed. They are satiating as they provide the required nutrient and are preferred to skipping meals in a day or entirely. They are also very fast in losing weight as one does not have stress that comes due to weight loss. You can keep up with your eating habits and still lose weight effectively.


The shakes are very beneficial when it comes to total control of nutrition. Researchers have found out that shakes cannot provide all the nutrients of whole foods such as, antioxidants and proactive substances. For every meal replaced with a shake, supplement it with nutrient-pack and low calorie foods and fruits.

Saving cost

The use of shakes is very beneficial in reducing cost that comes from buying foods from the groceries. When one buys the shakes in bulk, you definitely going save a lot as they tend to be way cheaper than the full foods.

Calorie regulation

The shakes have little content of calories. They are said to contain half the amount of calories as compared to full foods. One does not have to worry about the content of calories contained in the shakes.

Helps in fighting injuries and diseases

The shakes drinks can help in fighting symptoms of various diseases. These shakes are the ones used for health reasons only. They are beneficial in treating flues and colds. They have high protein content that help in the regeneration of muscles

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