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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Recognizing The Douche At The Gym

What most people find annoying (if anything) inside the gym is being constantly surrounded by people. There’s something about working out that generally makes us strive for privacy. However, most gym equipment doesn’t come cheap and, unless you own a spacious spare room, you probably won’t be able to fit all the equipment in the first place. This is why going to the gym is unavoidable if you are aiming for bulking up, even if you like keeping to your own self. Regardless of your striving for seclusion, there are people everyone likes to avoid during their workouts. In order to successfully avoid such people, we’ve comprised a list of the most stereotypical of the bunch.

        Posers – Commonly known as ‘bros’, this rather enthusiastic group of people like to come to the gym all dressed-up and show off their muscles. They aren’t there in order to throw cheap pick-up lines to women, although this is far from a rare sight to see. This would all be fine and dandy (everyone has their own right to dress and talk in a certain way, especially in public places), if their long conversations about female chest and lower back regions they’ve seen on ‘a frat party in Jason’s dorm’ wouldn’t take up so much time to do their sets at the equipment, resulting in numerous lines formed at certain gym equipment.
      Phone addicts – Although this and the previous category of gym enthusiasts do seem to overlap more often than not, ‘phone zombies’ can be regarded as a class of their own. Constantly glued to their devices, taking selfies and checking up on their respective Instagram feeds while they’re at it, this merry bunch tend to spend their smartphone time at a piece of equipment, even after they’ve completed a set. These people tend to clog up the gym, as well as the participants’ patience for exercising. However, both of the above mentioned groups are nothing compared to the following one.

      Talkers – A prime group of people to avoid, the talkers will use your common decency and well-thought manners to their own gain, to make matters even worse – usually unconsciously. This unintentionally poisonous-to-your-workout group of people will engage you in long conversations about what interests them – things you mostly know nothing about and potentially do not care about. Even if you are honestly interested in the topics they bring to the table, you need to keep in mind why you came to the gym in the first place – to work on your body, not the problems of climate change.
      Know-it-alls – Now, these people will approach you, regardless of whether you know them or not, sometimes even as a means to obtaining gym companions. They will tell you all about how they’ve seen ‘this clip' on You Tube and how you’re doing the exercise completely 'wrong'. Contradicting them is usually difficult out of common decency, as well as due to the potential risk in getting into a debate you do not want to be a part of that will also take up a lot of your gym time. The important thing here is to keep in mind what your personal fitness trainer has told you – they know their profession better than someone taking advice from a random internet blogger or even their own selves.

Spotting the hard-working dudes to follow their example is just as important as setting out the couple of rotten apples, who will not only ruin your gym experience, but potentially ruin your workout routine. Keep in mind that listening to professionals is crucial in achieving gym success. Make your time at the gym yours and spot these time-stealing predators from far away distances, enabling yourself to avoid them at all costs.

About The Author: Samantha has a B.Sc. in nutrition, and has spent two years working as a personal trainer. Since then, she has embarked on a mission to conquer the blogosphere. When not in the gym or on the track, you can find her on Twitter or in a tea shop.