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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Exercising With Asthma -- Do-s and Don’t-s

Asthma is a common chronic inflammatory condition or disease of the airways in which there is an obstruction in the airflow which can lead to coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath and tightness of the chest. Those who are suffering from asthma may not need to stop exercising or working out completely but can put some restrictions and show some restraint when it comes to doing certain fitness exercises. There are several Do-s and Don’t-s of exercising with asthma and for your reference we have come up with a list of these:

Where To Exercise?

The first question which crops up when you think of exercising with asthma is where to exercise. One of the best places to exercise when suffering with this chronic inflammatory disease is in an indoor space like a gym. This helps because if there is any emergency, there are people around who can help and presence of first aid and water. Also indoor spaces are climate controlled and may help the lungs to recover after exertion. Polluted places should be avoided, as well as places with pollen and other allergens!

Which Exercises To Do?

For asthmatics, brisk walking is one of the best ways to work out and remain fit. This can be done on a treadmill which allows you to control your speed as well, but also outdoors. Some other exercises which are suitable for those suffering from asthma include leisurely pace biking, short distance track running, swimming (be careful of pools with excessive chlorine), Pilates, Yoga or the elliptical. If you wish to buy some equipment or machines for your home, then you can refer to treadmill ratings and reviews or check out these fitness equipment sources.

Asthmatics can also engage in exercises that involve interval training or provide some rest space in between. Some of these include baseball, softball, volleyball or tennis. Interval training is basically the type of training which involves high intensity workout bursts of a few seconds followed by resting intervals of a few minutes. The periods of recovery given in between these training methods can help asthmatics a lot!

Which Exercises To Avoid?

For asthmatics, any exercises or workout methods involving long term endurance must be avoided. Thus sports like soccer, basketball, cross country running and cold weather sports like skiing and skating should be avoided! 

Asthma is a serious condition and one who is suffering from it must respect his/her body’s limitation. Running outdoors in areas high on pollution and allergens must also be avoided, even for a little while as this can increase the chances of allergic reactions or triggering of asthma.

Some Tips For Success

If you wish to achieve success with exercising even when suffering from asthma, then you can follow the following given tips and suggestions:

• It is better to take two hits of the inhaler before starting any type of exercises. This will allow you to work out for a longer period of time without any difficulty. But just in case, make sure you have your inhaler around at any time!

• Always have a lot of water available at your disposal when working out

• Always allow your body to warm up first and then cool down. Give yourself a break every few minutes to avoid any attacks.

Also consult with your doctor before starting any fitness program or diet!