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Friday, February 28, 2014

4 Reasons Why Even the Best Bodybuilding Supplements Don't Work On You

Bodybuilding is a science. Its most basic pretense is that one has to train and consume foods to gain weight and muscle mass, and then eliminate the fat in order to retain the built mass. This takes a long time, and bodybuilders began to take shortcuts. About half a decade ago, the answer came in the form of steroids. Since being banned, most bodybuilders sought alternatives – one that didn't come with a lot of negative long-term side-effects.

Along comes modern bodybuilding supplements. These supplements come in various forms. There's protein powder, there's weight gainers, there's BCAAs, weight loss supplements, metabolism enhancers and a whole lot more. Picked the best ones but still not seeing results? There are a few reasons why.

1. You Treat Them as Magic Bullets

In the movies, when the main character studies, recovers from his injuries, or trains in martial arts, there's a little bit of flash-forwards. This doesn't work in real life, so stop treating bodybuilding supplements as magic pills that turn you into Rambo overnight. Sure, the advertisement may talk about it as if it was a miracle pill, but retain your sense of logic and you'll be fine.

2. You Don’t Put Enough Work In

Most people fail to see the word "supplement" in "bodybuilding supplement." Supplements mean that they just help, and thus aren't the main method of getting the body you desire. Simply put, anyone can be a bodybuilder if they take the time to do so. Bodybuilding supplements simply allow for faster results, the same way steroids did before. That being said, you'll need to work for your muscles.

Take protein powder, for instance, a muscle-building supplement. Consuming it without appropriate workout sessions will only make you gain more weight. Also, you can't expect to have the muscles in just a few days. You'll need to shape those muscles through diligent trips to the gym.

3. You Use Them Incorrectly

There are two reasons why there are a lot of bodybuilding supplements. The first is that each supplement caters to a different problem. One may be for building muscle, another may excel in weight-loss. If you're not getting the results you wanted, it's not because the supplement didn't work. It's because the supplement isn't for you. If you're trying to gain weight, stay off supplements that enhance your metabolism or suppress your appetite.

4. You Don’t Have The Right Nutrition

Bodybuilding supplements are already shortcuts, but some would go an extra mile on shortcuts. For instance, if it's time for dieting, some would go into fasting mode as opposed to just getting meal replacers. Don't be that guy. Enough nutrition is necessary for your workout regardless of whether you're building muscle or losing weight.

To sum it up, the most probable reason your bodybuilding supplement isn't working for you is because you're not using it correctly. It actually doesn't matter what supplement and combinations of those you pick. Without the necessary nutrition, discipline, hard work, dedication, and effort put in, you will never have the body you always wanted. Bodybuilding supplements are supplements. They're never meant to be taken alone!

Author's Bio: Brendon Boid is a Health and Fitness writer, focused on providing relevant information about supplements, working out, and getting proper nutrition. His current stints include writing for health-oriented firms in Australia and best bodybuilding supplements at NutritionWarehouse.