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Monday, January 27, 2014

Burn More Fat And Build More Muscle With This Rule

One of the most important things you need to understand in your Fitness journey is that you are in control of your body’s appearance. You can’t control your height or other genetic related factors, but when it comes to body composition YOU are in charge! 

Whether you are preparing for a Fitness competition or simply want to look good for the summer, you are probably already following a diet and an exercise plan. As your deadline approaches you have no room for mistakes and every bad decision could set you back for days.

And since you don’t have anymore time to spare, what should you do to make sure you reach your goal exactly on time?

Introducing The “Help-Hurt” Rule

This rule can be applied by both beginners and advanced athletes, especially when you have a tight deadline that is approaching fast. It works whether you want to lose weight or to gain muscle and it is a very simple and effective tool.

Tip #1: Ask Yourself One Question

When you are faced with a tough decision that may influence your results, ask yourself this one simple question: “Is this decision going to HELP me or HURT me in reaching my goal?”

Most of the times the answer will come quickly to your mind and the idea, of course, is to only make decisions that will HELP you in reaching your goal. If the answer is HURT or you are not really sure about it, then forget it!

The more “Help” decisions you will make, the sooner you will reach the body you desire. This will also keep you focused and motivated and will create momentum.

The more “Hurt” decisions you will make, the further you will be from your goal, making the body transformation slower and harder to achieve. You might never even reach it, as you will soon lose motivation and make more and more “Hurt” decisions.

Tip #2: Don’t Stress On The Little Details

There is no need to do extensive research for each decision that you have to take. Use your common sense first and simply ask yourself “Will this decision Hurt me or Help me?” Chances are that you’ll find the answer to most of the questions simply by relying on your intuition.

Unless you are a pro bodybuilder or a fitness model, you probably already have the knowledge to answer that simple question. About 90% of the time you can achieve your fitness goals simply by relying on the “Help-Hurt Rule”.

Tip #3: Use These Examples To Make Smart Decisions

So here are a few examples of situations where you can apply this rule. Just try to figure out the answers yourself...I’m sure you’re going to get them all right:

- Will it help me or hurt me if I have one more drink?
- Will it help me or hurt me if I eat this cookie?
- Will it slow my progress if I don’t work out today?
- Should I do my post-workout cardio now or should I go home?
- Should I go to bed now or watch TV for a few more hours?

I hope you got the idea. As long as you make “Help” decisions instead of “Hurt” decisions, you will get closer to your goals and soon get in the best shape of your life!

Keep in mind that only YOU are in charge and every decision you make on a daily basis will move you CLOSER or FURTHER away from your goals. So yes, that extra cookie does make a difference!

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