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Sunday, December 15, 2013

7 Principles To Maintain Your Workout Motivation

There’s a lot of emphasis placed on finding the motivation to work out, but what about keeping that motivation flowing? That’s the real challenge. Here are seven principles to maintaining your workout motivation:

1. Set Realistic, Reasonable and Obtainable Goals

If you set your goals too high from the start, you may begin to feel disappointed after a while (not to mention exhausted and you may strain something). So start small, build the goals; recognize what your strengths are and work towards your goals in chunks.

2. Have an Accountability Partner

If you find it hard to push yourself, get someone else to hold you accountable. If you know someone close to you is going to be disappointed in or irritated with you if you don’t bother working out for a week, you’re more likely to go do it. You can ask them to motivate you when you need it as well; it’s not just about them getting mad if you don’t go to the gym.

3. Make the Workout Experience More Enjoyable

If you go to the gym, you want that experience to be enjoyable. Firstly, make sure the gym is local, you don’t want to run or drive for miles to go work out; you’ve got a busy life. Ensure the gym has a nice, conducive environment.

Also, try to get membership to a gym with a variety of equipment and that enables you to try multiple different techniques: like endurance, strength, power etc. This will ensure you get a full body workout and that you don’t get bored doing the same old workouts constantly.

If you can, get a gym buddy who’ll push you but who will also make the time you spend in the gym more entertaining. Even get a particular theme song to workout to if you think that’ll push you. Make it fun!

4. Plan Workouts and Track Progress

Plan workouts ahead of time, including a break. This means you’re prepared for any workout you’ve got coming up and you’ve made them a priority in your mind, rather than fitting gym sessions in between your other activities.

As you progress, list positive changes that have happened due to you sticking to your workout, both physically and mentally. When you’re feeling demotivated you can go over the list and remind yourself how far you’ve come and that it is worth the effort.

Remember though, that small set backs aren’t the end of the world. If you need a small break, if you need to vent, that’s okay. Write down the cons of working out to if you’re not feeling it, but once you’ve got them out write down all the pros next to them. I’m guessing there are more pros, right?

5. Remember That the Benefits Will Outweigh the Difficulties

Visualise how good you’re going to look and, more importantly, FEEL when you accomplish your goal. You’re going to be healthier, stronger, with higher levels of endurance; you’re going to be all around jacked.

6. Get Inspired

Watching Youtube channels such as
Fitness Motivation or BeFIT are guaranteed to get you pumped up for a workout. You could even post your own progress online, whether that is on your own blog or in a community.

If the Internet isn’t doing it for you, you can always go back to the basics and simply ask people at your gym for tips and encouragement.

7. Remember the Basics

It’s important to ensure you’re getting enough water, sleep and just living a generally healthy lifestyle. You’ll see results faster and you won’t feel so drained between or during workouts.

About The Author: Siobhan Harmer is an English freelance writer who drinks far too much coffee, here to help you hack your way to a happier life. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, or you can check out her website.