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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reveal the Steel Review

Hello and welcome to our review of the "Reveal the Steel" Fitness Program. Chances are that you already heard about this book and you want to find out more about it...well that's great because you're in the right place! If this is the first time you hear about this program, fell free to check out the Official Website first. So now let's take a closer look at exactly what you will find in the 150 pages of “Reveal the Steel”:

1. The first chapters are all about diets and nutrition and they start with foods that you can eat throughout the whole year while still being able to keep your body in good shape. And we are not talking here about the same old classic “healthy foods”. Right from the beginning the author takes a radical approach on diet, allowing you to eat “forbidden foods” such as cakes, ice-cream, chocolate and even to drink alcohol from time to time (this is something unheard in the world of Fitness).

2. In the second chapter you will find some more healthy aliments that you can eat as well as the best supplements you can use
3. In the third chapter the author tells you the most important aspect to success, the thing that you definitely don’t have to neglect
4. Chapter four talks about a very controversial diet at this moment - “Intermittent Fasting”. You will learn how to approach this method and avoid its pitfalls
5. The next chapter has 14 pages and it shows you exactly how to burn fat and get “photo-shoot ready” 

The next 4 chapters of the book are covering aspects about myths and misconceptions that are very popular in the world of Fitness and Bodybuilding.

6. “Myth #1: You CAN’T skip meals and especially not breakfast”. The author will show you that skipping a meal is not as bad as everyone thinks
7. “Myth #2: You can’t have a great body without lots of supplements”. In this chapter Clint reveals some of the dangers behind certain supplements.
8. “Myth #3: Starvation mode” – what exactly it means and why it is just a myth
9. “Myth #4: Women who go to the gym will bulk up and gain huge muscles”. This is definitely not true and the author will explain why women can train with weights with no worries at all!

The next 7 chapters are all about training methodology (workouts, exercises, routines, reps and so on):

10. How many reps should you do? What goals should you have in mind?
11. When to use machines and when to use free weights? Which are best: compound exercises or isolation exercises?
12. Should you train until you are completely drained of energy?
13. How to use the flush of growth hormone (HGH) in your advantage?
14. Which is better: cardio, weights or circuits of both?
15. Should you train your abs? How should you do it?
16. How many days of training are needed to finally get some results?

The next 4 chapters are talking about nutrition again and easy to follow diets:

17. How much protein, carbohydrates and fats do you need and how exactly to calculate them?
18. Which is the right amount of protein needed to build muscle?
19. The positive and negative aspects of alcohol and how to include this in your lifestyle
20. Which are the foods that are always good for you and which are the ones that are not so good?

Besides the 20 chapters of high quality information the course also comes with color-coded workout charts allowing you to easily follow the 18 weeks training program. There are 15 routines for these 18 weeks and each routine has a length of under 1 hour! You will find out exactly what to do to be effective so you won’t need to spend lots of hours in the gym. So this program is definitely great for those who have a busy schedule and want maximum results in minimum the time!

If you think that this is the right program for you, we invite you to click here to visit the Official Website and Buy “Reveal the Steel” today!

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