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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Out at Home

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A hectic work schedule and family demands may leave you with no time to hit the gym. However, lack of gym time should not lead you to live an indolent lifestyle because you can still maintain your fitness and attain good health by exercising at home regularly. Although home exercises hardly compare to gym sessions supervised by a fitness trainer, they can still be very useful in regards to your personal fitness. If you are contemplating working out at home, consider the following pros and cons.


In general, home workout programs are often flexible. As such, you can plan your training sessions depending on your own timetable and personal commitments. Because the workout program will revolve around your lifestyle, it is likely to be fun. Moreover, you can also design the workout program to suit your fitness goals accordingly. This enables you to concentrate on techniques and equipment that will help you to achieve your fitness objectives. 

Workout Duration
Training at home would allow you to regulate your own workout sessions accordingly. In contrast, most commercial gyms offer timed sessions to their clients. They do that so that they can achieve their profit margins. Some training programs such as Pilates and Yoga also require strict timing for the best results. People with hectic commitments may find it difficult to
cope with such stringent timing requirements.
For people who may not be comfortable training alongside other people, training at home is probably the best option for them since they would be able to get some privacy there.
Focus and Pace
You can better focus on your own pace and strength limits at home without the noise and distractions often present at many commercial gyms.
Training at home offers enhanced comfort in terms of choice of music, exercise breaks, and other amenities.


Routine workout from home requires loads of personal drive and enthusiasm. You will find it challenging to train from your house if you are easily distracted.

It is easy to learn and practice safety procedures while training from home. The problem comes in during intense workouts such as bench presses and squats that require spotters. Emergency injuries may also occur at home in the absence of a helping hand.
Home fitness equipment, such as elliptical trainers from Proform, is often not cheap to obtain. Therefore, your home training program will require substantial financial investments to acquire the best equipment.
Although your career and family may deny you the time to workout at your local sports club, you should not adopt a sedentary lifestyle, and put yourself at risk of lifestyle diseases. One way to avoid the mentioned risk is to workout at home. The benefits of exercising at home generally outweigh the risks of doing the same. That said, you should consider the pros and cons of home exercise programs, and consult a fitness expert before making your final decision.
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