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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Extreme Weight Loss Diets can Cause Hormonal Changes on the Long Term

Many people want fast results and whether they want to lose some weight and get ready for the summer or they are preparing for a Fitness Competition, they are going through extreme weight loss diets and extreme workouts. Working out until you drop may not be something that bad (if it is done rarely and properly) but having an extreme diet can be very bad for your health!  

Studies have shown that very strict weight loss diets are causing changes in body hormones responsible to glucose, fat storage, appetite and metabolic rate. Australian scientists have analyzed the hormones responsible to appetite and metabolic rate on 50 overweight patients who followed a 10 weeks weight loss program. One year later after the study, they did the same measurements again. They concluded that the extreme diet had significant effects on lots of body hormones such as leptin, peptide YY, cholecystokinin, insulin, ghrelin and pancreatic polypeptide. The participants to the test had reported bigger appetite and hunger sensations even after one year from the study. (New England Journal of Medicine 365:1597-1604, 2011).

The conclusion is that extreme diets are causing long-term hormonal changes related to metabolic rate and appetite. This means that even if you manage to lose some weight now you will probably gain it back very soon. So if you are looking for a balanced meal plan that will help you get results on the short term but also stay fit & healthy on the long run, then we highly recommend you this program. It is called “Burn The Fat Body Transformation System” and it gives you complete information on what to eat and what to avoid on a healthy weight loss diet. For more info about this program, we invite you to visit this page

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