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Friday, February 1, 2013

Top 10 Benefits of Running

The Best Reasons To Start Running  - Infographic

Courtesy of: NordicTrack.Com

1. Improve Your Mood -- When you exercise, the body releases natural chemicals that make you happy. 

2. Relive Asthma Symptoms -- One of the benefits of running is it strengthens the lungs and bronchi making it easier to breathe. 

3. Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure -- The contaraction and expansion of arteries makes them stronger and improves their ability to regulate blood pressure. 

4. Strengthen Your Immune System -- Runners are less likely to contract minor illnesses. 

5. Lose Weight -- Running can burn more than 850 calories per hour and the motion helps break down fat tissue. 

6. Improve Strength -- You build up muscles in the lower body while strengthening tendons and ligaments when you run. 

7. Avoid Osteoporosis -- Running increases bone density because the body delivers essential minerals to the bones when they are under stress. 

8. Increase Joint Stability and Strength -- Stronger joints means a reduced risk of injuring hips, ankles and knees. 

 9. Take Control of Your Life -- Building self-confidence allows you to take control of your life. 

10. Balance Your Blood Sugar -- In diabetics, running can counteract insulin resistance and regulate blood sugar levels.

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