Friday, November 9, 2018

Protecting Your Joints And Fit Your Clothes

Social pressures can have a lot to do with why we workout. But that’s not good for you as putting your body under stress when you don’t want to is not healthy for your mind. Insecurities can build up that way and sooner or later you might end up physically paying for it in the gym. But what if you are motivated to work out of your own volition but you’re new to it? Following what everyone else is doing at the gym isn’t going to be in your best interest. In fact, there’s an old saying ‘leave your ego at the entrance’ when you enter into a place of exercise. Focus on what you need to achieve the best results. Notice what parts of your body are weaker than the others and adjust to them. This attitude in being specific about your workouts can be used elsewhere such as increasing your comfort level in your clothing choices. When you feel comfortable, you’re more likely to push harder.

Suffering in silence

Weight training is something that is box standard when it comes to working out for guys. We want to put on some muscle mass and the only way to do that is to lift heavy. However, our muscles may be ready and willing but our joints are not. That’s actually why our joints and bones are more likely to feel pain from our workouts than our muscles are during the workout itself. Even if you have good form, you need to give them a helping hand. For example, you should buy wrist wraps to help make sure your hands and forearm align all the time when you are lifting. This helps to keep the proper tension on the muscle you’re hitting on a particular day. The same goes for knee wraps. Leg day is the hardest day, which is why so many people miss it. Give yourself some specific help for your legs but supporting your knees a little more when you squat or leg press.

No more loose ends

Once upon a time, there was a culture in fitness that thought loose-fitting clothes were best. They allowed for more freedom for your body to move and they allowed you to sweat easier. That thinking has since been debunked and now instead, closer-fitting clothes that hug the body such as basketball shooting shirts are worn in sports and in the gym. It turns out that the closer your clothes fit and if they are made from flexible and breathable material, you get all the benefits of better movement and sweating without sacrificing the one for the other. The same goes for gym shirts, that are made from stretchy nylon and hug the physique to stop any loose clothing getting in the way of your reps.

If you’re going to workout, you should pay close attention to your joints because you might be lifting weight that your muscles can stand but your wrists and knees have trouble with. Wraps for both are a good, cheap and effective solution. Clothing should be fitting you snugly, and not flapping around when you workout.