Friday, November 30, 2018

How to Get Into a Morning Workout Routine

While we can’t all be energized morning people by default, there just seems to be something about those that get up at the crack of dawn to enjoy a quick jog and the fresh air. To some of us, this is definitely an activity we’d rather steer clear of - while others find the idea quite tempting if they only had that kind of energy early in the morning.

If you belong to the latter group, there are actually a few ways to fool yourself into a steady morning workout routine. It won’t be easy, to begin with, but as long as you stick with it for a couple of weeks, you’ll never want to go back to your former ways.

Here is a handful of ways to feel ready for a delightful workout at 6 AM so that you have time to enjoy yourself and relax when you’re done with work for the day.

#1 Invite your dog along

If you have a dog who loves a brisk walk in the morning, he or she will be your perfect companion for these workouts. No dog will fail in helping you to snap out of your grumpy morning mood and you’ll be able to rely on their happy and energized spirits to feel just a bit more awake.

Plus, it’s going to feel great for your dog to get a good run before you’re off to work. Get up in the morning, put those shoes on and go for a jog with your favorite pet and enjoy a big breakfast before it’s time for work.

You definitely won’t regret it when you’ve been sitting in that office chair for a while - and your dog is probably looking forward to the next morning jog already.

#2 Wake up with coffee

Before everyone started to drink coffee through every hour of the day, athletes were well-aware of its benefits before a good workout. It’s going to be difficult to digest that breakfast in such a short time, seeing that you won’t really be able to sit down and let your body work through it before it’s time for that workout, but you can definitely have a cup of coffee.

It will give you a bit of extra energy and might even make it a bit easier to get up in the morning. Treat yourself to a coffee machine that wakes you up with a nice brew at a set time every morning so that the smell off coffee tempts you out before you’re able to consider ditching that morning run.

#3 Remember to start small

Before you get excited about your new and improved ways, you should keep in mind that pushing yourself too much in the morning is a sure way to fall right out of your workout routine. Don’t commit to an hour-long routine which includes running, lifting weights, and holding a plank position for five minutes when you’ve just woken up - you’re just going to disappoint yourself.

Instead, try to start as small as possible and work towards a longer workout as you get used to jumping straight out of bed and into your exercise shoes. That nice run with your dog is a perfect way to start the day as he or she probably wants to stop a few times to sniff around which gives you time to catch your breath again.

It means that you won’t have to wake up a full hour before you usually get up in the morning and 15 minutes may be all you need for the first couple of sessions. Slowly work towards waking up a bit earlier and see if you’re able to exercise for an hour after a few weeks.

#4 Wake up with water

Hearing the alarm go off in the morning and snoozing for the next half hour is something most people can recognize in themselves. Whatever happened to waking up and actually feeling awake rather than drowsy?

There is, in fact, a way to kickstart your brain and body a bit in the morning without having to go through the seemingly mandatory sleepy, snoozy, grumpy state for the first hour after waking up. Just put a glass of water next to your bed and commit to having a few large sips when that alarm goes off.

You can still stay in bed while enjoying your water, though, just make sure that you empty that glass in order to wake yourself up. Drinking water first thing in the morning is known for boosting your metabolism and thereby kickstarting your brain a bit when you would, normally, still be yawning and struggling to wake up completely.

Plus, a large glass of water when you’ve been sleeping for eight hours is definitely quite welcome and will help to hydrate your body properly before that workout. A well-known bonus tip in terms of water is, of course, to have a glass before bed as well so that your bladder can get you out of bed in the morning.

#5 Enjoy a post-workout breakfast

Sometimes, we need to count on the little things to help us get out of bed in the morning. We all enjoy that post-workout feeling and, from a conditioning point-of-view, the endorphins released when working out is definitely a part of what keeps you going.

Boost this feeling slightly by having a post-workout snack or breakfast you can look forward to after that morning run. Read up on atp science as well, by the way, so that you know about all the products that can help you to reach your workout goals a bit faster - and get the kind of body you’ve been working towards.

When you manage to actually get up as your alarm goes off, head outside in the fresh morning air and look forward to a delicious post-workout meal afterwards, you might find that a morning workout is just what you needed in your life.

Commit to sticking to it for at least a few weeks before you give up so that your mind has time to adjust to this new and healthy lifestyle; when you’re used to it, it’s actually going to be difficult to go to work without having enjoyed a nice run first.